how to write a term paper introduction

How to write a term paper introduction

Term paper. Introduction as one of the most important parts of the term paper.

A term paper is one of the most important forms of the educational process. It is aimed primarily at practical training and is carried out in accordance with the curriculum.

A term paper is one of the types of scientific work, independent study and research of the student, performed on each course on a certain discipline, or from two to three disciplines of the same direction. It aims to give students the skills of conducting scientific research, develop their skills in independent creative work, mastering general scientific and special methods of modern scientific research, in-depth study of any issue, subjects of educational discipline. In accordance with the regulation on the organization of the educational process of higher educational institutions, the term paper is carried out in order to consolidate, deepen and summarize the knowledge gained by students during the study, and their application to a comprehensive solution to a specific task.

A question that bothers many students is how to make a good introduction in a term paper. Just read on, and you’ll know how to write a term paper introduction.

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How to write a good term paper introduction.

The good introduction helps the student to show the theoretical knowledge of studying the discipline systematically, master the primary skills of research work with information materials, with practical data of the work of specific enterprises of the industry, collect data, analyze, creatively comprehend, formulate conclusions, proposals and recommendations on the subject of research.

There is an appropriate opportunity to control the knowledge and skills of the student, to organize the research work correctly, to arrange its results and to show readiness to perform the final work on the specialty. Execution of coursework should contribute to the profound learning of the lecture course and the acquisition of skills in solving practical problems. It requires from the student not only the knowledge of the general and special literature on the subject, but also the ability to conduct economic, mathematical, expert and other research, to link theory with practice, to generalize, to formulate conclusions and suggestions on improving the efficiency of the service sector and international economic relationships.

All students should know how to start a term paper introduction because all teachers pay attention to it. The introduction is one of the most important parts of the term paper. For most of the students, this part may seem the most difficult, although it doesn’t exceed 1-2 pages of text. Let’s find out what to write in the introduction of the term paper and how to do term paper introduction correctly. The introduction is usually composed of several important parts.


The structure of the introduction should be the next:

  1. The introductory part (not more than the first paragraph or 2-3 proposals) – describes the general state of the topic.
  2. The relevance of the topic of research. It’s necessary to write about the importance of studying this topic at the present time. Explain why you chose this topic and what will be studied in it.
  3. The purpose of the term paper. This may be study, description, definition, installation, research, consideration, development, disclosure, lighting, detection, analysis, a generalization of something.
  4. 4. Tasks of the research. It should be written in order to find a solution, to make it possible to achieve the goal that we put into work. In order to achieve the goal of the work, it’s necessary to study, describe, show, identify, install, investigate, review, develop, disclose, highlight, identify, analyze, prove, generalize something.
  5. Object and subject of research. The object includes a subject and not vice versa. After all, the subject speaks of a more narrow sector of research and makes us specify the field of research.
  6. Review of the literature. In this part of the introduction, you should write those authors, whose works were used in writing of the course, and briefly describe what they were studying. It’s also important to point out those authors, who have been recommended by the scientific supervisor.
  7. Description of the structure of the term paper. It’s important to mention all the sections of term paper and describe them in a few words.

Tips and tricks on how to make a term paper introduction.

Introduction plays a crucial role in any term paper, that is the reason why it is necessary to pay special attention to its accordance with the topic, lucidity, and accuracy. Some rules will be given below to make a good impression with the introduction and set an appropriate mood for the term paper. So how to write an introduction paragraph for a term paper?

First of all, it can look paradoxical, but entering to the diploma should be written at the final stage of work. The fact is that it must contain information that will be known to the author only after the completion of a term paper. It is impossible to take into account all the pitfalls and make a potential reader interested in your paperwork at the beginning of your investigation.

The writer shouldn’t try to use quotations and use exceptionally original text. It is crucial to keep your introduction authentic and create everything without copying the information from any source. The beginning assumes 100% authorship and uniqueness, even if a particular work is 90% done on the basis of quotes from other sources and is written for the first year.

Before and after the work, the student must carefully read the standards and arrange everything according to them. It is important because the requirement for introduction for a particular institution is usually described in guidelines and the final mark will depend on the fact how the writer was able to stick to the rules.

Also, the introduction should include some proofs of the relevance of the study to the nowadays necessities, it is important to show, who have already explored this topic, to include the description of the bibliography and include the concept or paradigm, work, problems, the purpose of the work, tasks, description of the object and subject of the study. Also, for some disciplines, the hypothesis is necessary.

As it can be seen from the written above, it is considered to know how to write term paper introduction. It is possible to fully disclose the theoretical and practical parts by performing them ideally. But forgetting about careful thought over the introduction, the author makes a serious mistake, because it is the main part that reveals the depth of his acquaintance with the topic.