How to write term paper in APA format

How to write term paper in APA format

What term paper really is? What to do first?

Get lost in dozens of useless tips on how to write the term paper in the appropriate format? Stop, you came to the right place.

An exploratory work assigned to the students at the end of the course or semester is called term paper. It demands substantive research, as well as technical data expertise, and is usually applied to check and assess the gained knowledge about the course. The term paper will usually require a minimum page count of five and a reference list for at least five to ten sources. All in all, to create a valuable term paper, you are going to spend a minimum of 10 hours of work, so how to write a term paper in APA format painlessly and easily? Simply don’t put it off till the deadline. You work longer, but less stressful.

To begin the process, you must first decide upon a topic. The next goal is going to be brainstorming ideas and scavenge sources. Begin by ordering down any information you know about the topic. Then start looking for the related information from various sources. To get reliable information use tools such as:

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  • Encyclopedias
  • Almanacs
  • Newspapers
  • Historic Documents
  • Web Articles

As you gather the needed information, begin formulating an argument that takes a particular stand, this is called the thesis statement. Just like your topic, the thesis statement should not be too wide, nor too narrow. The goal of any term paper is to create a compelling argument that covers the entirety of your specific topic section, without dwelling into different fields. Let’s imagine; you have chosen as a topic the World War II, an example of a bad thesis statement will be: “D-Day was a surprisingly bloody conflict that launched the campaign in the western front.” This is the bad thesis statement because it takes no particular stance and just presents the general information. A good thesis statement would be: “The successful invasion of Normandy by the allies on June 6th, 1944 sparked the turning point from which Nazi Germany never recovered.” This is the good statement because it takes an affirmative stance on the particular topic and is capable of being proven.

Outlining in APA format

After gathering sources and formulating the thesis statement, let’s talk about how to write a term paper outline in APA format. The structure of the term paper is based on four core elements:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Main Paragraphs
  • References.

It is obvious that the main paragraphs must embody your main research, but abstract and concluding paragraph are very important for wrapping around the focal point of the writing. The title page must include:

  • Running title with a page number;
  • Centered and double-spaced Title;
  • Author’s name;
  • Affiliation.

In the abstract part of the paper, the writer must complete two essential steps. The first step involves the implementation of background information. While some researchers may have general information about your topic, it is important to provide an audience with some informative guidelines. This will help to clear up any possible confusion. The second step requires the writer to deliver a clear thesis statement alongside in the introduction of the main points, which will be useful to prove the thesis is true. This will help your audience proceed completely into the body paragraphs of your work.

It is important to know that any background information should be introduced prior to all other information.

Also, the last sentence of the intro should include the thesis statement. After completing these both steps, we can move on to the main paragraphs.

The body paragraphs will be primarily focused on the main sub-arguments created to support and prove your thesis statement. Each sub-argument replace for a paragraph, and each paragraph will have a similar layout. The first paragraph is referred to an intro sentence. This is the sentence that transitions focus from the previous paragraph to the current one while keeping a rhythmic flow of the text. Afterward, comes a claim and this is usually the second sentence in a paragraph. This is where you present your sub-argument or, in other words, an idea that logically supports and can be directly linked to your thesis statement. After presenting your claim you should follow up with evidence, or in other words, a factual example that defends your claim. This is traditionally from one to two sentences long.

Lastly, you finish up your main paragraphs with a concluding sentence. Here you explain the significance of the claim you have presented and why it does indeed support your argument. So, to every sub-argument, you have created using the intro-claim-evidence-conclusion scheme to build an organized and coherent body.

The last paragraph should highlight the thesis but assert your point with different language. Then sum up each sub argument and how it is linked to the thesis, and form an overall concluding statement. And you’re done with the main body paper.

How to make a reference in APA format?

Always credit the sources you have used. Referencing helps to exclude the plagiarism. The reference page is a list of all the sources you have cited in your work. APA formatting style requires alphabetical reference order. You should include:

  1. the name of the author, or editor;
  2. the year of publication;
  3. book title;
  4. book edition;
  5. volume number;
  6. place of publication;
  7. publisher.

In a case, there are several authors of the cited work, list them in the order they are written in the source, and initials only are used for the first names. Each author’s name should be written with the last name before the first name initials. If there are two authors, they should be separated by an ampersand. If the date of publication is not available, put n.d – no date. The book titles should be italicized, but the articles’ titles should be listed without quotation marks, and not italicized.

Now you’re ready and know how to write an APA style term paper.