How To Write A Research Paper in 10 Steps (2018)

Video’s description: How To Write A Research Paper in 10 Steps

Today we’re going to be talking about the most common type of academic assignment that students aren’t assigned whether they are in middle school high school or college. If you haven’t guessed it yet this tutorial is about research paper writing and how to do it efficiently in 10 steps. Just like with any formal work intelligent points in eloquent writing are key ingredients to formulating a strong research paper. So make sure to approach each step with the utmost seriousness to guarantee yourself a walt written paper.

Without further ado let’s talk about step 1 – to begin choose a topic for your research paper. Depending on your instructor you may be able to pick a topic of your choice or you could be potentially forced it’s working on something that you have never heard of before. If you are lucky enough make sure to select a topic that either interests you or one that you know a lot about. Believe me nothing is worse than writing a research paper on a topic that puts you to sleep. Lastly make sure that the topic you have chosen is acceptable with the teacher before you end up spending 10 hours on the paper that can’t be handed in because of the teachers requirements that would suck.

After getting confirmation for your topic it is time to move on to step 2. This step is all about the research in research paper. In order to write a paper that is backed up by evidence look for things such as website, articles, encyclopedias historical documents. To find information relevant to your subject matter. This does not mean to visit Wikipedia and copypasta their information (that’s how you get F). Also make sure to look for a variety of sources instead of just a couple. Remember the more sources you present the stronger it makes your argument. After finding a recommended minimum of five factually or reliable sources make sure to cite them according to the format of your research paper. Doing this now will save you time for when you will be doing your work cited or bibliography.

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After finding all unnecessary external information it is time to move on to step #3. Step three is all about analyzing information. After finding and analyzing your sources pick out the segments of information most suitable to your research. to do this correctly carefully read through each source and look for relevant information that can be linked together to create one argument. Remember proper research and analysis is the best way to create an insightful argument.

When confident that you have enough outside evidence to create a strong thesis with suitable arguments you can move on to step number 4. So now that you have an abundance of information it is time to organize your thoughts. The best way to do this is to write out your main ideas into sections and then place supporting points in the most suitable spot accordingly. The amount of sections you have depends on the amount of body paragraphs you plan on creating. Make sure that each paragraph has at least one comprehensive point to argue. Otherwise your body paragraph won’t have enough content to sustain itself. If you find out one of your ideas for a body paragraph does not have enough death try to merge it with another idea. This way you will have one detailed paragraph that covers a lot of ground instead of too fragile.

Bones step #5. At this point it is time to figure out the overall focal point of the paper in other words it is time to formulate a thesis statement. Your thesis statement must take a specific stance and must show the overall significance of the stance in relation to the topic. Doing this gives you a research paper of purpose you are setting out a point to prove with reliable evidence.

After writing out your thesis statement we can move on to our outline (step 6) . To simplify the writing process and save yourself time in the long run create an outline for your entire paper. Write out the thesis statement and some background info for your intro the many points you want to discuss in your body paragraphs and the summarization of findings in the conclusion. As all this information is basically like the meat of your paper all the other writing will basically come naturally. Once you have sketched your outline we can begin the writing process.

Step number seven. To start your paper off with a bang begin your introduction with a hook statement to catch the reader’s attention. Usually our TOEFL question gets the reader’s mind into the topic so that is a very reliable and go to nothing. Afterwards present background information to provide context and eliminate any early confusion for the reader.

Lastly present the thesis statement that you have come up with and stop five. If you find that the thesis isn’t suitable whilst writing your body paragraphs there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making changes. In fact many students write their body before their intro so editing the thesis is very common occurrence.

Step eight. After getting through your intro it is time to write the body of your paper. This is the area that covers all of the main information. So your paragraph count will depend on the amount of arguments or points you have prepared most likely you will have between three to five body paragraphs. Remember that each body paragraph needs a claim and it needs evidence for every argument. You have make sure to have one to two pieces of supporting evidence. This will solidify your statement after getting through your bodies.  We are left with the final two steps.

Step number nine. The last part of your research paper is the conclusion. This paragraph has three main components restatement of the thesis. Summarization of findings and presentation of an overall concluding statement. First of all restate your thesis to reiterate that it has been proven throughout the writing. use transition language such as in conclusion this will help the audience narrow their focus. Afterwards summarize your main points from the body paragraphs. This will remove any confusion as to how the thesis and supporting statements are linked.

Lastly offer an overall concluding statement. The reader should feel a sense of purpose after reading your paper so show your arguments value on a global scale or present a call to action for further investigation.

To finish the research paper process make sure to have your essay proof read by classmates or teachers to eliminate any syntax or grammar issues. They will also confirm the papers clarity and making sure that your arguments are logical and valid. Before submitting it in for a grade to read through one more time to make certain that the main arguments specifically back up the thesis . Their link is crucial so for is the changing do so accordingly. After completing this step you are finally done with your research paper.