How to conclude a term paper

How to conclude a term paper

Brief points of conclusions

Any paper should have strong Intro, Body, and Conclusion. You know about Introduction and its main points, Body and the main things it has. What about the conclusion? Should we relax at the last paragraph or be even more accurate and strict? Let’s find it all out now.

The conclusion is such things that should have a golden middle. You need to write them that way not to appear with seeming as a dry or wooden. Each conclusion has to be concrete and to make the reader feel that the text is completed. But even here there are several techniques you can use to make the text better and some tactics you better not use in the order you don’t want to make the text weaker. In this article, we are going to propose you some tips that you have to remember while you are writing a conclusion and not to search again about how to conclude a term paper.

The main thing is to remember that a conclusion is a place where you need to summarize everything you have said before in the text.

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  • The best thing to remind everything is to reread the text several times and finally understand what you want to write and summarize.
  • Try to write each argument in conclusion again, but saying it in other words, paraphrasing everything. But in this case, never mention the details, which you used to support arguments – it is unneeded in conclusion.
  • Also, you have to understand that writing new information is totally uncommon, unnecessary, unneeded and simply a thing that you don’t have to mention in conclusion.

Also, in conclusion, you can mention that the continuation of your work can be in the future.

Also, you have to remember that a call for action is not needed for all kind of conclusions. A term paper about love, for example, will not need a call you have just to summarize your own thoughts and feelings about this topic. But, for instance, if you are writing about the influence of TV on children’s brains, you definitely need to make a call for action. So, think if your topic needs it or not.

A paper that is more likely to call readers to action is one that addresses a public or scientific need. It is not common to write addressing to one person if it is an angry comment because in this case, you will have problems.

Clues about writing a conclusion

Now, let’s talk about how to conclude a term paper in details.

When you write the text you have to remember three important points of what a conclusion should have:

  1. mention that a thesis statement is very important
  2. give the essay a sense of completeness
  3. write a strong final impression on the reader

And again – term paper conclusion is about summarizing the whole key moments of the text. But, of course, we don’t want to read the same things again.

If you write a conclusion and you see that it is written poorly, so you have to know that it will not leave a good impression on the reader. It will only cause confusion and small desire to read more. It’s essential to find a proper way to conclude the text without a dull repeating.

And here we come to six tips which will help you bring your paper to a strong conclusion.

  1. The conclusion has to connect the whole text.
    In this case, you may take the thesis statement that is an introduction and say how your entire paper showed and discussed the problem. Here you can just paraphrase and say main points and repeat only some key words and ideas as well.
  2. Show why your topic and the paper are important nowadays.
    Ask yourself a question after finishing the paper “so what?” Your conclusion should have a strict answer to this question and has to show what new information a reader got here. Also, for better understanding, you have to follow several rules of formatting, references, citations and so on. These all help people to receive information better.
  3. Synthesize.
    In order not to look like a chatterbox you cannot just summarize main points in other words. Instead of that, you can mention how all your examples were not random, and that they have a scientific background.
  4. Re-direct your reader’s attention.
    Changing the way you write the text, in conclusion, can help to increase the level of good attitude. For example, look at your introduction, how did you write it? From specific to general? Then write a conclusion from general to specific. And this would be the awesome finale of the paper.
  5. Don’t give any new information.
    If you give new information, it will cause a decreasing level of reliance from the point of reader’s view. You can’t give any new information, because, in conclusion, you cannot provide a new argument with nice explanation. That is why it will look a little bit awkward. Because of this, your reader can feel only confused or even annoyed. You have to make statements that can be fully supported by the evidence you have provided.
  6. You have to be honest.
    Sometimes people don’t read the whole text, they just open the last page and read in order not to waste time. That is why a strong conclusion is a key to the good result. Also, while concluding try not to overstate the real meaning of the paper as it can cause false intention from readers.

To sum it all up, we have to recommend you the last thing – never stop after editing only once. All those things have to be made and remade for several times. Editing is one of the important parts too, so don’t neglect it. Sometimes you can even come up with some extra, stronger ideas, which will increase the level of your text’s quality.

Hope we helped you with making the best conclusion a person have ever imagined, and now you gained knowledge of how to conclude a term paper in the best way.