Exploring Supply Chain for Rupchanda Soybean Oil

With her inexhaustible guidance, valuable advice, continuous inspiration, constructive criticism and generosity she helped us to carry out this report successfully. We would like to give special thanks to Mr… Susan Habit for sharing the information related to our study. Finally, we would like to thank all our group members and friends those who directly or indirectly helped us to provide and accumulate all the necessary information for the accomplishment of this term paper. Supply Chain Management is a holistic approach to the collection, processing of raw materials and delivering the final products to the customers.

To ensure the success of this holistic approach the alignment between supply chain strategy and given competitive strategy is necessary. Repurchased Soybean Oil, a product of Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited has established strategic alignment between supply chain strategy and given competitive strategy for it by introducing pouch pack. Through the introduction of pouch pack customer responsiveness has been given priority which can better serve the demand of price conscious consumers at the same time the transportation cost has been reduced because increased density of product make it possible to better utilize the given transportation space.

So, customer responsiveness and efficient transportation seem to be moving in the same direction for Repurchased soybean oil. Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia are four ajar potential crude oil suppliers for Repurchased soybean oil. The ability of providing the quality raw material at right amount and in the right time are the criteria upon which the final supplier country/ countries are selected. Excess demand of Repurchased soybean oil has made the company to cope with pull based demand. BELL also pushing the market demand by introducing different promotional activities.

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Global database management software SAP is been used at BELL for ensuring efficiency of the central warehouse. The ability to make order keeping minimum six days of stock at hand is the prime criterion to be selected as the statutory for Repurchased soybean oil. Most importantly, efficient supply chain management has made Repurchased soybean oil to generate 95 percent of the total sales of BELL. Table of Contents 1. 0 Origins This term paper is prepared to give an idea about the overall Supply Chain Management of a selected product ( Repurchased Soybean Oil) of Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd (BELL).

The preparation and submission of this term paper is supplementary requirement of Supply Chain Management (MAKE 418) course. 1. 1 Objectives By doing the report, we will be able to know the inbound and outbound logistical activities of Repurchased Soybean oil. Some major objectives include Identify strategic moves of the given product in the context of supply chain. Identify physical supply channel of the given product. Identify psychical distribution channel of the given product. Identify reverse logistics channel of the given product. 1. Scope The report is prepared concentrating on supply chain of Repurchased Soybean oil. Other areas of marketing like branding, marketing research will not be the subject of this report and therefore can be the issues of future research. It is a comprehensive report based on people’s opinion, our perception and knowledge, and books of Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management. 1. 3 Limitations While preparing the report we had to face some problems. 1 . For the sake of official secrecy, the concerned officials could not provide enough information. 2.

Time shortage was one of the major problems. 1. 4 Methodology Nature of the study: Exploratory Source of information: Both primary and secondary. Primary Source: Primary data were collected form Territory Manager, Asana Habit of Bangladesh Edible oil Ltd, Secondary Sources: Secondary information was collected from the internet and newspapers. Presentation of Information: Collected and calculated information are resented in graphical forms. 2. 0 Company Introduction: “Consumers inspire us to continue creating some of the healthiest edible oils to keep millions of families healthy and happy.

We are known as Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited (BELL)” edible oil industries in Bangladesh was established in 1993 and has since been aggressive in the marketing of consumer pack edible oil under the well known household brands like Repurchased, Mezzanine, King’s, etc in Bangladesh. BELL is the first company to introduce packing of edible oil in PET bottles, pouch pack and also the first to launch a sachet pack in mustard oil in Bangladesh. According to AC Nielsen port, Repurchased ranks number 1 in terms of the most preferred brand in the soybean oil consumer pack category.