Term Paper on Management Practices of the Hsbc Bank Limited

LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL January 2012 Md. Mourtuza Ahamed, Lecturer in Management, Department of Human Resource Management, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University Subject: Submission of the term paper titled “Management Practices of The HSBC Bank Ltd, Bangladesh. ” Dear Sir, We are writing this letter to inform you that we have prepared our term paper on “Management Practices of The HSBC Bank Ltd, Bangladesh. “. We tried to gather information to make our research paper specific and coherent.

Through the procedure of preparing the research paper, we have collected and used necessary data from relevant sources. We tried our level best to make applicable and feasible research so that it will be as effective as it was expected to be. We consider providing any information or clarification if necessary. We hope you will accept our report and kindly oblige. Sincerely Yours, ________________ Md Nadim Hossain [ID- 11122406] ________________ S. M. Hafizul Islam [ID- 11122408] ACKNOWLEDGEMENT At first we have to say that, our honorable instructor Md.

Mourtuza Ahamed, Lecturer (Management) of Human Resource Management department of Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University has inspired us much and guided us to make our research successful. It is so to say that if he did not take sincere care, give tremendous suggestion and instruction we cannot make the term paper fruitfully completed. Special thank goes to all those employees of ‘The HSBC Bank, Ltd’ who provide us the valuable information to make our research informative. Thanks from the depth of our heart to all others who are related directly or indirectly to the completion of this term paper.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As a part of our curriculum we have to prepare reports in each semester for each subject. In this way, our course teacher has assigned us to prepare the report. And the topic of our report is “Management Practices of Commercial Bank. A Study on The HSBC Bank Ltd”. He took a lecture on preparation of this report and serving us necessary documents. As he has selected us to make report of a service organization, our prime objective was to collect necessary documents along with the Annual Report of the Bank.

Source of collected data are both primary and secondary. Primary data are collected from employees of the bank and Secondary data are collected from various books and websites. Our report involves the typical Management practices such as planning, organizing, motivating, leading and controlling. This term paper consists of five chapters CHAPTER ONE: This chapter discussed about the background of the study, statement of the research problem, scopes and objectives of the study, methodology of the study and limitations of the study.