Aviation Term Paper

Paper on Aviation:

Aviation is the theory and practice of the flight in the atmosphere of Earth and other related with this process activities. Naturally, people have always dreamt to understand the secret of flying, so even a few centuries BC ancient people tried to create wings and various flying objects with the hope to fly like birds. There even a few myths in the culture of the ancient Greece, which mention the first attempts of the engineers of that time to master the process of flying. In fact, the first serious research on this process began from the activity of Leonardo da Vinci who prepared a sketch with the detailed plan of the flying machine. Unfortunately, the machine was not constructed.

The first flying machines appeared in the 18th century, when the brothers Montgolfier constructed the first air balloon, which could carry people into the air.

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Although, this way of transportation was not the effective one, it was already a serious progress in the aviation of that time. The 19th century is famous for the invention of the airplane and finally, the beginning of the 20th century was the beginning of the modern era of aviation, because the first controlled and fuelled aircraft was constructed by the Wright brothers. Very soon numerous versions and types of aircraft were created which conquered the atmosphere of the planet.

Nowadays, people do not pay attention to the structure and characteristics of planes, airplanes and helicopters, because it has become a regular thing. Modern aviation uses the progress in engineering and uses aircraft for various purposes: transportation of people and cargo, military purposes and emergency services.

Aviation is one of the most fascinating human activities, which reflects the eternal human desire to master the process of flying. A term paper on aviation is expected to include brand-new facts, interesting and informative content and analyze the problem on aviation in detail. The student is supposed to learn about the history of aviation, the first engineers and types of the flying machines. It is important to get to know about the types of aviation, its purposes, advantages and disadvantages and the problems it faces today. In addition it is reasonable to share the ideas concerning the future condition and achievements of aviation with the professor.

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