What Is The Real Leadership Sample – Term Paper

Leadership definition

Leadership is the  ability to handle, manage and show your bosses {the people your leading} the right direction by helping them understand your role as a leader. A leader will always be the servant of the people. In the concept of our essay the student with leadership skills will steer the growth of his/her career by; acquiring management skills,creativity and being an active team player.

Most of the student leaders have the following characteristics that will always give then an upper hand in development of their careers;

1. Student leaders always learns from mistakes

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2. They are ambitious in life

3. They are always success oriented ,they dont want to fail

4. Leadership helps them improve their daily skills

5. Leaders are big dreamers this will help them create a major impact in their careers

6. Most of the leaders are morally upright and those are the people who employers need

7. They have a drive within them that helps them to be compitent

8. They are competitive since the current world is competitive this will help them futher their career more.

9. They have positive attitude

10. They really know how to motivate others

The above mentioned qualities will always steer the student towards personal career development.

When examining various leadership characteristics mentioned above, one immediately notices that student related characteristics are strongly represented. Being students seeking to increase their knowledge and obtain career enhancing skills its is expected they learn from their mistakes and ambitious and success oriented and are looking to improve their skills. While acquiring skill sets and knowledge, these attributes increases their level of success towards their career.