pictures in term paper

Can term papers have pictures

Graphic materials are an integral attribute of term paper. They are included in the text to provide clarity, a better understanding of the material presented, justification of the conclusions and decisions to which the student came during his research.

Can term papers have pictures?

Of course, the answer is yes. The graphic materials, the use of which is acceptable in the coursework, are pictures, drawings, charts, tables, formulas, charts, schemes and stuff.

To answer the question if can term papers have images, you need to comprehend important rules. Materials of this kind, in particular, drawings, can be included in the text of the work in two ways:

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  • in the main part of the work;
  • in the course of the text.

This way of placement is typical for materials whose task is to illustrate one or another aspect touched upon in a certain part of the work. Most often these materials are drawings, they clearly show, help to form better idea of ​​a certain fact, phenomenon, patterns, etc., about which the student writes.

The term paper can be with the removal in the annexes. So, there are no doubts when answering the question “can term papers have pictures.” Such inclusion in the text of the work is allowed for materials that represent the initial data for the study, as well as a graphical component that cannot be included directly in the text because of the discrepancy in size. In this case, the student makes out to the course application, and the text places links to them.

To improve the quality of the term paper, in addition to the text you need to use various graphics, drawings, drawings, diagrams, maybe even photos. It is easier to say – graphic material.  Can term papers have images? Of course, they can. To place and sign them you need in accordance with the rules and standards. In the article, we will consider how to draw out drawings in the coursework.

Can term papers have images and how they should be numbered?

Of course, your text can include images. All graphic materials must be numbered. Only Arabic numerals are used. You can apply a CROSS-numbering when all graphics objects are numbered from start to finish in turn. Or you can do it by sections when graphics objects begin to be numbered at the beginning of the section.

What to do when there are several objects in one drawing? To distinguish such objects, not capital letters are used. Example of design:
a) b) Figure 5 – cube (a) and circle (b)

Can term papers have pictures and how to sign them?

How to sign the picture correctly? First, the sequence number of the graphics object is written. Then, you can use through a hyphen, with a capital letter. You do not need to put a dot at the end.

The name of the graphics object and the number are written immediately after the object itself. There is center alignment. The font does not differ from the font of all coursework. The object with the signature must be separated from the main text by one empty line from the top and bottom.

Here is an example of design:

Here is your main text, after which you need to indent one empty line and place a graphic object with a signature. Figure 5.2 – Sign of the veterinary ambulance.

Do not forget to indent one empty line and continue your narration in the coursework.

Some graphics objects require additional decoding. For example, graphs, diagrams. If they do not have this, the decrypting text is also placed under the object.

Can term papers have pictures?

Chart 1 – Dynamics of 2000 – 2015 with a step of five years.

In some universities, the word “drawing” can be abbreviated. Then the signature will be this: Fig. 2.3

Can term papers have images? How do I draw a link to the source of the picture?

If the graphics object is not created by you, you must provide a link to the source. In the figure’s caption at the end, the reference number is placed, which is enclosed in square brackets rather than in parentheses.

If you want to give a link to a series of identical graphics objects of the same type (graphics, table drawings, etc.), the object type is written only once, and the sequence numbers of such pictures are simply listed.

How to place drawings? The maximum number of 4 graphics objects is on one sheet. Place them immediately after mentioning it in your coursework. Not before the mention. You can also make graphics objects in the “Applications” section. Then place them in the same order in which they appear in your work.

In the text, you must specify the sequence number of the application, and then the number of the figure through the point. Here so, for example:
In the appendix, such works are signed accordingly: Figure B.4 – Triangle

If you need a landscape format for a graphics object, the inscriptions should be read in any case.

So, can term papers have pictures? Yes, term papers can have pictures and other graphical materials, it even makes your scientific work better.