Abnormal Psychology Term Paper

Psychology Term Paper:

Abnormal psychology is the branch of the clinical psychology, which studies the disorders of the psychological processes and the psychological condition of the mentally-ill human being in comparison with the regular psychological condition. Abnormal psychology has the task to diagnose the patient professionally and define the type of the disorder and specify the medical diagnosis. Abnormal psychology is closely connected with psychiatry, because it deals with the unusual cases and difficult psychological disorders. Furthermore, abnormal psychology originated from psychiatry as an applied discipline with its own area of research. Till the beginning of the 20th century abnormal psychology was not paid attention to and the serious psychological cases were treated differently. For example, in the medieval times the practice of putting a patient into an asylum was the most common one, because mentally-ill people were treated negatively and were supposed to be the burden for the human society and no one knew how to treat them correctly.

This practice lasted for a few centuries, because the health care and psychology of that time were not capable to understand the source and the reason of the psychological disorders. In the ancient times various mental disorders were explained from the supernatural point of view and most of the patients were accused on witchcraft and treated by exorcists. Today professionals observe abnormal psychology from the point of view of various factors: genetics, biological, socio-cultural factors, systemic and biopsychosocial factors. The most common modern therapies used to understand and treat mental disorders are: behavioural therapy, humanistic and cognitive behavioural therapy.

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Abnormal psychology is an interesting and worthy topic for the research, because the human psychics and its disorders opens wide spaces for suggestion and one can improve his professional skills and knowledge investigating such problems. A good term paper on abnormal psychology is expected to reveal the problem from all sides and explain the field of research of the discipline and present it research approach and methodology. It is also important to present the historical background of the problem and evaluate its importance for the development of psychology and its value for the human society.

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