Admission Statement – Term Paper

The college education gives individuals opportunities to develop their skills and acquire knowledge in regards to specific fields. New skills and more knowledge not only enable learners to increase the prospect of better employment opportunities but also allow them to pursue their aspirations. When one realizes personal aspirations, such individuals are better-equipped to deal with challenges of modern life. This background informs the motivation behind the decision to seek the college education. 

Having migrated to the United States in the recent past provided me with both opportunities and challenges. As a determined person, I accepted the situation and resolved to devise ways of overcoming the several challenges in the new environment. One notable opportunity that allowed me to begin the journey of adapting to the new environment was the enrollment in a preparatory school in Connecticut. I encountered a new culture and a new language. At this school, I experienced a lot of struggles to cope with the new language since I am Italian and had a little grasp of the English language. 

Despite the language issues, I worked hard at the library and in personal conversations to polish my language which was essential for the successful completion of high school studies. Such personal actions not only enabled me to speak fluently but also understand some of the things that we were taught in class. Also, these skills helped in class discussions that students often engaged when given assignments. Furthermore, I made efforts to perfect my language outside school. As a result, the experience gave me confidence in my abilities. I expect to extend these personality aspects to college, and these traits put me in a good position of relating well with the other students in the new college environment.

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 As a relationship builder, I used my personality to win the support of other students as well as those of teachers. Although there were several issues of different mentalities among the students, I was able to befriend other students to advance my extracurricular skills. In particular, I involved myself with the hockey schoolmates which gave me new experiences and also made me overcome mental struggles of the new environment. The hockey reminded me of the days in Italy, and this enabled me to be at peace and, therefore, focused on the studies. My expectation is that college education requires teamwork and close relationships with the instructors for one to be successful in completing individual and group course tasks. This expectation motivates me to continue working harder because I do not consider myself as attained the levels of personal growth as per the personal aspirations.

Through personal research and several consultations with close persons, I discovered that your college offers the best opportunity for me to achieve my career goals and objectives. For one, the college is equipped with the facilities that enable students to advance their academic goals as well as extracurricular activities. Therefore, joining the college is motivated by its ability to offer a holistic treatment to personal growth and development. Hence, I am convinced that the selection committee will consider this application and make a positive determination. If selected for admission, I promise to adhere to the college rules and regulations and any other standard as may be prescribed by the college administration. Also, I offer to demonstrate hard work and commitment so as to achieve my academic goals.