Adult Day Care Research – Term Paper

The study looked to discern the value of adult day care centers to families and the elderly. It has become apparent that the care for the elderly is very difficult and in some instances near impossible. As people get older, their need and ability to work diminishes significantly. Enrolling to nursing homes ensures that the elderly remain active physically and socially. However, the experience of the elderly rarely lives up to the perceived experience (Gaugler, 2014). This paper, therefore, seeks to analyses the use of adult care centers for families and elderly persons.

The paper took a qualitative approach where the different people adult day care centers were selected as sample centers. The researchers performed a three-month observation and interview-based assessment of one rural and one suburban adult day care center (Gaugler, 2014). The experiences of the patients in these centers would make the basis of the value of these centers to both the elderly and their families. This paper makes for an interesting take on elderly care as it looks into the actual encounters of different persons in different settings (Gaugler, 2014).

Adult day care centers are places that offer social, and health-related services for the elderly. The centers run during the day times and throughout the week. In these centers, the elderly are guided through a set of different activities all of which look to improve the quality of life, by keeping the elderly active. Currently, there are three basic types of adult day care centers. Each tends to specific needs of the elderly. Most adult day care centers focus on social activity, medical care, and Alzheimer’s patients (Gaugler, 2014). The progressive advancement of the elderly care services has seen some skepticism on the part of children sending their parents and elderly loved ones to these centers. Approaches towards adult care like the Adult Daycare Center offer these persons ample time to go about their life and also manage the social, and medical needs of their loved ones. Additionally, these centers are very profitable resources for caregivers (Gaugler, 2014).

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Gaugler, J. (2014). The process of adult day service use. Geriatric Nursing, 35(1), 47-54.