Adultery in the Great gatsby

Term Paper Lies and deceits carry the The Great Gatsby. Forbidden love, and evil consume the lives of the men and women In the book. The whole book seems to be based upon Lies and deceit. First Gatsby Is very mysterious and has Lies about his life and how he came into his money. Second everybody Is cheating on their spouses and they all kind have a idea that its going on. This could play a role or let us in on a side of F. Scott Fitzgerald life, Did he have an affair? Or was he cheated on?. Does Fitzgerald life give us an inside look of the relation between the book and his life? I think it does digging into F.

Scott Fitzgerald life we can see that characters in the book are modeled from people during his time. Through when he was writing this book. F. Scott Fitzgerald was married to a woman name Zelda Sayers. They had a hard time getting married because of finances their engagement was called off after Fitzgerald TLD get a good job that he wanted. This could very well show us the relation between him and Gatsby because Gatsby was In love with Daisy. Scott was also In the army same as Gatsby. In 1924 Scott moved his whole family to the Realer to start their new life with the very wealthy.

This still gives us more insight on the relationship between Scott and Gatsby. Both started very poor and then later on in their lives they both moved away to have a clean start and they also both lived among the rich and famous. After Gatsby started drinking heavily his marriage suffered tremendously. Zelda started to have mental breakdowns and she was never the same. Gatsby started having an affair with a women named Sheila Graham who he had met at a new Job working as a scriptwriter. Yes this affair was after he wrote The Great Gatsby. His life still resembles Gatsby life.

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