Agent Orange Research Paper

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The effects of Agent Orange, while some being well-known and connected, can be somewhat difficult to deduce. Many studies show lots of different variations in the problems associated with Agent Orange. While the Veteran’s group study says that male exposure to Agent Orange causes birth defects and miscarriage, the Department of Health and Human Services indicate that there aren’t any significant effects of Agent Orange and the offspring of males who have been exposed (Reprieve). The nature of the toxin DDCD and the bodies inability to decompose it, make it a substance which may possibly only exhibit harmful effects years after exposure.

Thus making it very hard to concisely deduce possible links to diseases. The one outstanding effect from dioxin exposure though, is birth defects. The most effected group from dioxin exposure and birth defects would be the 2. 1 million-4. 8 million Vietnamese whose villages and farms were sprayed (Stone). In sprayed areas of Vietnam the average miscarriage rate is about 10. 1% compared to the average of 6. 1% in unaffected areas, showing that there is a positive correlation between dioxin exposure and miscarriage (Herbicides).

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However, the study done by the Committee to review the health effects of exposure to herbicides concluded that exposure in men does not cause spontaneous abortion (Herbicides). In the spring Of 2004, a large group of Vietnamese filed a class-action law suit against Agent Orange manufacturers for causing consistent birth defects in children of exposed peoples. Though the claims were dismissed because the research behind dioxin exposure may be inconclusive, this started to move the effort in cleaning the soils and contaminated lands of Vietnam forward.

The UN along with the US have pledged to help clean up different exposed areas, and erase the last remnants of the chemical warfare of the Vietnam War (Stone). Lee Eke Son, director of Vietnam committee for use of toxic chemicals in Vietnam, said, “We are really ready for cooperative benefits and respect In cleaning up dioxin contamination. ” While the evidence for the correlation between exposure and miscarriage is fairly strong, the same cannot be said about the correlation between certain diseases in veterans and exposure to dioxin.

In the late ass’s and ass’s Operation Ranch Hand began investigating the amounts of exposure in vets who worked with the agent. They found that very few people had been highly exposed to the chemical. Continuous tests because of the Agent Orange Act n 1 991 , which mandated testing of the effects of Agent Orange on Veterans their book is Veterans and Agent Orange, concluded in 2004 that dioxin exposure increases risks of certain cancers, diabetes, Hodgkin disease, and chlordane (Stone).

However the correlation between exposure and cancer may be inconclusive because of the latency of the effects of DDCD and the general consensus that as the Veterans get older, the chances of developing cancer goes up too (Herbicides). Not everyone can agree on how dangerous dioxin is or what its effects might be, but everyone can agree upon the fact that spraying millions Of gallons Of n almost unknown herbicide has dramatically changed the lives of many people, and changed the policies of chemical warfare.