Aint I a Woman – Term Paper

Aint I a Woman?

Question one

Sojourner of Truth makes a very powerful and touching speech. According to the speeches, she works as a slave in someone’s home or farm. It is for this reason that she cannot be allowed to own even her children. Her master controls her together with the babies she brings forth. On the contrary, she serves the society as an activist. As an activist, her duty is to fight and bring to an end social injustices committed on the slaves and women to be precise. She hopes to live in a non-discriminative society even as she speaks for the oppressed.

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Question two

Sojourner of Truth delivered this speech at a point when humans did not have technological skills as today. With technology, it is easier to record and share such statements real time thus preventing distortion. Maintaining purity of the message is the greatest strength of the current advancement as opposed to the former where news distortion of the signal occurred.

Question three

Making a living is essential in the process of making a life. Everyone wants to make a life but to do so; they have to make a living. Even slaves like Sojourner of Truth wish so hard to make a life. Her life struggle is to make a life. The process of making a life ultimately results in making a living.

Question four


Both Truths ideas about the dignity of womens work and ideas about dignity of womens work in the Popes encyclical appreciate that women who work either as slaves or from free will form central part of vehicle that drives the social, cultural, artistic and economic fabric of the society. The duty they do is a million fold essential to the society.


In ideas about the dignity of womens work in popes encyclical, women are dignified and appreciate for the selfless work of helping church and their family experience a spousal connection with God whereas in Truths ideas about dignity of womens work, the women are enslaved and forced to be dutiful to men for the purpose of driving economic growth. In the later women have no dignity to be proud of and they are rated based on their hard work rather than humane feeling.