Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland – Term Paper

The book is just like a fairy tale where Alice is reading a book with her sister and all of a sudden she feels like reading is tiresome and at this point, she decides to find more forms of direct experience.   The Wonderland is a small universe where an ordinary girl faces the contradicting nature of the creatures that live there. It is, therefore, my contention that Alice Adventure in Wonderland, the child is always struggling to survive in the patronizing environment of the adults.  To analyze how the child struggles in the Alice Adventure in Wonderworld by addressing the following issues;

• Alice is frustrated with the lie expectations, and she finds it hard to find the solutions for simple life problems.

• There are so many situations where Alice finds herself in situations that she faces the death risks, and there are points she wanted to kill herself.

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• The changes that Alice experience during puberty makes her uncomfortable and she feel that she cannot fit in the current environment.  

Thus, using the available sources, it will be possible to portray how a child especially struggles to be part of the society with all the challenges that are facing her in the wonderland. 

 The argument provided above does not address a specific editor, but rather it is all about the different activities that take place in Wonderland.   The fact that Carroll did a great job, the only thing I would wish to claim is how he managed to maintain the theme of the novel using the struggles of Alice.   I will also include extra information on how Alice deals with challenges and how the society was perceiving that.  The fact that the essay has managed to highlight the theme of the book, this is one of the interesting element that will attract the audience. 


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