American Foreign Policy – Term Paper

Essay on American Foreign Policy

United States’ foreign policy was set for the interactions of the U.S with other countries and having standards of interaction for individual citizens, corporations, and organizations. Racism may have dropped in the U.S, however, it is still evident. People from the Middle East and Blacks have experienced horrifying incidents in the United States. Shootings, burning of cities and killings among some of these races. It is clear that racism in the U.S has brought losses to innocent people and have made the foreign policy hard to implement due to the hatred various countries such as the Middle East countries and the Africans have with the U.S.

Race and History of Aamerican Domestic and Foreign Policy

American troops worked against the Filipinos in the Philippine war, 1899-1902. The differences in race contributed to the involvement of the Filipino war. As time passed, America in 1915 to 1934 occupied Haiti. It was as a result of the racial attitudes of the American policy and it led to Haitians being involuntarily treated s prisoners, placed in labor gangs, terrorized and beaten.  Around two thousand workers lost their lives in 1919. An enforced separation was carried out and the Americans favored the light skinned over the dark skinned Haitians.

There have been killings of the Blacks in the United States. In March 2014, the police in the U.S made over 111 killings which were twice as compared to that of the British police in the whole 20th century. They target minorities and there is excessive conviction of minority crimes in the U.S. in 2008, over 58% of the prisoners were African American and Hispanics indicating that there are some favors that occur during convictions and people from different races end up suffering for their looks. It has also been viewed that people with the Middle East looks face discrimination in the United States and could even be killed innocently just because their looks resemble a terrorist yet they adhere to the laws of the state. The acts of the U.S have left many countries taking them as hypocrites and people who do not respect other races. The killings, punishments, and favors to people of color in the U.S have made these people live to hate the Americans.

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History of American Foreign Policy

An article from NewsOne in 2012 showed the patterns of murders that took place in America from 2012. There were 30 cases of murder of black people in the first 3 months of the year. Twelve of the murdered blacks did not have any illegal behavior while 8 of them were emotionally disturbed. The killers, however, claimed that they looked suspicious and it contributed to them being killed.

A report from the CNN newspaper report on 27th November 2014 talked about fights between two white men and another fight from an African American and a white man. When people were given the first picture of the white men fighting the judgment of use of a knife was right. The people indicated that the man fighting with the knife was indeed the one showed in the picture. The second picture showed a white man having the knife while the black was unarmed. The people, however, judged the white man and said that it was him with the knife and not the white man. It is clear that black men face so much discrimination even when they are innocent or have not committed any crime. They suffer for the superior race in the world and it has demoralized them. The Americans have contributed much to this issue and they need to stop it by not judging people by how they look but by their personality.

American Foreign Policy Issues

The Global Research on June21 2015 wrote how the U.S foreign policy reflected national oppression and racism of mostly black people. White people have been used to attack the blacks and kill them because of their race according to the research done. The militarized regime in Egypt has killed thousands of Egyptians since July 2013 when the U.S came in to assist in keeping peace in the country. There have been failed policies within Syria, Iraq, and Sudan. The countries are still at war despite the U.S heavily investing in offering weapons and labor to subside the conditions of the countries. It has been discovered that the new Iraqi army has not worked for hand in hand with the U.S thus causing wastage of tanks, guns and other equipment offered by the U.S. warplanes have been bombing weapons used and donated by the U.S thus the war missions end up not being effective as targeted. The research done clearly enables one to understand the impact of race in foreign policy from the instances of the countries facing war as indicated above.

US Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is meant to assist the American to have a good rapport with other countries but it is actually not the case on the ground because of racism. It is important to identify that racism has affected most people living in America or those that have received the state’s assistance on war eradication. Most African-Americans and Hispanics are the most affected races and they have lost their lives due to discrimination of their races as seen from the information above. It is important to identify how race has affected the American foreign policy because it will enable people to know the importance or disadvantage of people treating others differently. There is need to overlook how one looks to make a difference in social change both in the U.S and internationally.