Americas Transition into a Super Power – Term Paper

Americas Transition into a Super Power

According to Tindall and Shi (110), the United States began its revolutionary journey that facilitated its transition into becoming a superpower through the modification of its economy. The authors posit that the economic growth of the United States was exponential in the period between 1870 and 1916, when machinery became a widespread means of production of goods and services. These changes took place immediately after the Civil War, marking the moment when the output and productivity were transitioned from the use of manual labor into machine technology, which led to the growth of American industries. These transformations placed the United States in a favorable position in the First World War.

However, long before the World War I, American citizens became more conscious of their environment – riddled with corruption and poor governance (The American Yawp n.p.). For instance, the 1911 fire in Washington, that led to the death of more than 146 workers, was an illustration of the weakness of the government. Thus, all those involved, such as journalists, theorists, and activists, embarked on a mission to ensure the amalgamation of reforms that would improve the social justice (The American Yawp n.p.).

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At first, the United States, under the leadership of its president Thomas Woodrow Wilson, maintained a position of neutrality. However, since Great Britain was its closest of allies, there was an increase in tension associated with the need to help Britain. Tindall and Shi (150) argue that the United States did not immediately participate in the war until it was provoked by Germany’s endeavors to destroy its ships and kill American citizens. These actions led to the Congress signing a $250 million bill that would allow the United States to prepare for combat (Tindall and Shi 152).

;;;;;;;;;;;The end of the First World War was marked by the incorporation of a treaty that not only affected Germany and Europe as a whole, but also made an impact on the United States. The Treaty of Versailles was between the Allied Powers and Germany, which led to the prevalence of extremism and thus resulted in the Second World War (“Vladimir Lenin – Facts & Summary – HISTORY.Com” n.p.). For instance, the massive loss of lives and destruction of property on the German side led to its increased motivation, which caused the Second World War. The USA, on the other hand, emerged as a powerful nation as it supported both France and Great Britain.

In conclusion, Americas success story is based on its over century old experience after obtaining its independence, characterized by new frontiers, changes in its political belief systems as well growth of its economy, which inherently took place after the Civil War and was facilitated by massive industrialization.

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