Analytical chemist cover letter – Term Paper



Laboratory Specialist for Antibiotics Discovery Project is an excellent fit for my academic and professional background and I am interested in discussing with you about your current opening. With my background in analytical chemistry and my desire work in leading organizations such as Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain), I believe I can be an asset to the organization. My career objective is to work in a challenging environment where I can realize personal growth and career development; I believe working of a competitive organization such as Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain), would help

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Presentation and skills: 

I am a highly motivated individual with academic qualification fit for the work. I am an ethically competent individual but with a nose, for learn gin and scientific discovery. My strong background in protein chemistry would, therefore, be useful to the organization in their search for new potent and effective drugs.

Relevant research experiences

During my master’s studies in chemistry and pharmaceutical science, I developed a keen interest in microbiology especially the medical microbiology. I have adequate theoretical and practical background in bioanalysis. In addition to my extensive experiences in bioassays, filtration dialysis, centrifugation,; ;masking, recrystallization, precipitation, electrodeposition, and volatilization as well as extraction chromatography, I believe that I can be an asset to the organization by providing excellent technical support in the discovery of novel bioactive modules. I also believe that with the organization’s proprietary screening method, we can improve the screening time. Most of my researches have focused on bioassay-guided screening and microbial products screening. 

My recent master’s thesis project dealt with investigating the Recombinant Human Serum Albumin (rHSA) for its ability to act as an antioxidant in protecting the pharmaceutical formulations containing monoclonal antibodies IgG1 (RoActemra) against oxidative stress. Applied Methods used in this project were DTNB (Ellman’s Reagent), Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF), Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), UV-Vis spectroscopy, Dialysis as a separation technique and LC-MS peptide mapping. The project was succeeded, and it turns into publication.

Additional skills and Competencies:

Well-organized and customer-oriented

I am helpful, considerate, and able to respond promptly and courteously to clients; complaints and queries because I believe that customers need to receive the best possible customer service experience. I am also confident that my strong organizational skills will come in handy in your organization. I can manage responsibilities through thoughtful planning, good time management, and prioritization.

I am a fast learner and a team player.;

These two traits combined will give me an edge in the workplaces. I believe that I can work with the organization’s research scientists to deliver results to maximize the organization’s bottom-line.

Strong interpersonal skills;

I have strong interpersonal skills that would be useful in the organization as I work with the research teams. As a laboratory specialist for antibiotics, I believe that the organization needs an individual with excellent written and verbal communication skills to write reports and communicate with the team members. I believe that the organization can leverage my expertise in documentation to its advantage. Finally, I am keen to details and patient for better research outcomes. I can handle the slow growing, nom-modal microorganisms.

In me, you will find an enthusiastic, innovative, highly Inquisitive and diligent colleague. I hope for the opportunity to discuss how I might augment the efforts of your team at DTU Biosustain. I hope my humble request shall meet your kindest consideration.

Yours sincerely,