Astronomy Term Paper

Paper on Astronomy:

Astronomy is the science about the Universe, which studies the position, motion, structure, origin and development of the celestial objects and their systems. Astronomy studies the Sun, other stars, the planets of the Solar system and their satellites, extrasolar planets (exoplanets), asteroids, comets, meteorites, interplanetary matter, interstellar matter, pulsars, black holes, nebulae, galaxies and their clusters, quasars, etc. Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, because the prehistoric civilizations, like the Babylonians, Chinese, Greeks, Indians, Maya already observed the sky, stars and made records and calendars and temples based on the position of the celestial objects in space. After the invention of a telescope, the development of astronomy began very rapid.

Historically, astronomy included astrometry, navigation by the stars, observational astronomy, creation of calendars and even astrology. Today astronomy is generally treated like the direct synonym of astrophysics. In the 20th century astronomy was divided into the observational and theoretical branches.

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Observational astronomy collects data about the celestial objects and then analyzes it. Theoretical astronomy creates the computer, mathematical and analytical models for the description and understanding of the celestial objects and phenomena. These two branches are interconnected because they cooperate with each other. When there is new information about celestial phenomena, theoretical astronomy receives material for the analysis and hypothesis. On the other hand, theoretical astronomy can explain the phenomenon discovered by the observational astronomy and together describe and analyse the phenomenon correctly.

When a student is asked to prepare a high-quality term paper on astronomy, he should spend much time to collect the required data and analyze the topic wisely. It is obvious that it is difficult to prepare a term paper well, so only high-quality information from the trustworthy sources can be at hand. A student is expected to explain the meaning and the purpose of astronomy, define its key moments, questions and core points of the research. One should demonstrate the gradual development of astronomy in the historical context and prove that the science is very old and interesting for the whole world. It is important to connect astronomy with the other disciplines, like physics, chemistry, etc. and prove that all the sciences influence the success of astronomy greatly.

One should present the methodology, tasks and expectations of the science and predict its possible further development.

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