Business and Society Term Paper

BADM 460 Term Paper Select a topic that is related to the role of business in society. It can be any topic in the course that interests you – employment discrimination, product safety, globalization, sustainable development, advertising, the challenges faced by multinational corporations operating in developing countries, ways to measure a company’s social performance and so on. There are a multitude of topics to choose from but whichever one you do choose, the major theme of your paper must be how the topic relates to the social responsibility of business and society.

If you are unsure of your topic suitability please do not hesitate to contact me. Be sure to include in your paper: * a clear statement of the issue or problem * an analysis of the problem in relation to the major viewpoints on the social responsibility of business * alternative solutions * an evaluation of these solutions * recommendations Be careful to relate your discussion to your premise and to support your arguments. A good approach to take in your outline for your paper is to list the different theories or viewpoints, discuss the options under each one and say which option is best and why.

To support or illustrate your discussion, you may even wish to develop a case study based on your own experiences or interests. Regardless, your paper must include a comprehensive review of the relevant management literature. An adequate discussion of the issues will require a minimum of fifteen (15) typed pages, 12 font, doubled spaced, excluding title page, table of contents, tables, figures and references. Ensure you cite and acknowledge sources. Failure to do so makes you guilty of plagiarism. Good luck!

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