Business Plan Prepared By Students

We have tried our level best to prepare an effective & creditable report on it. We believe that it is encouragement for us to get involved with this process of reporting and a way to enrich our knowledge. We honestly hope that our analysis will help to give idea of marketing strategy of a business in the real world. Thank You, Sincerely yours, Acknowledgement: Firstly, we would like to thank all mighty Allah who provides us knowledge, energy & skills to get opportunities & to increase our knowledge & experience by completing this project. Secondly, we especially thank to our instructor Mr.

Marry Raman Maxim Sir, Who guides us at every step & every aspect of this report, so that’s competed successfully. We would also like to express our gratitude to Ms. (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant of East West University) who provided us much useful information, sample copies, ideas valuable time, which made our term paper easy and successful. And we are thankful to those survey respondents for their kind patience during collection of our data through the survey. Finally, we would like to thank to our entire group members who give the term paper fulfill to end it. INDEX: NO. Titles age Executive summary Introduction 2. Company 3.

Objective Issue 4 4. Market Analysis 5 5. SOOT analysis 6-7 6. Product life cycle 8 7. Price of the product 8. Distribution 9 9. If uncial Summary 9-11 10 Conclusion 12 It is observed that now-a-days people do not have leisure time and even if they do have a spare time they spend it mostly at the social networking site such as Faceable. With the service industry booming theses days, it has made one thing clear that people are leaning toward the service sector to a great extent. Thus, we are introducing an entertainment zone where university going students will be able to refresh their mind and brain to reduce study stress.

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After attending classes usually students feel tired and boring. Therefore, at that particular time they need an effective break to get some refreshment or to get ready for the next class. From that point of view, we have got the idea of launching “Freedom Island”, which can act as a motivation factor and which will lead the students to be more focused on their studies. We did a survey on what the students want on their free time. Through analyzing the survey, we found out that they want to do things that re going to make their life more fun.

With this in mind we have come up with games and entertainment that include ping pong skills, words and synonyms and laser show respectively. Since this is the initial stage of such a business that is why we are recruiting few employees but if required we are going to broaden our manpower requirement by outsourcing. Introduction: “Mobile Amusing Hub” for University going students used as Entertaining Zone” Before going to discuss about the business perspective let us brief about “Mobile Amusing Hub or Entertainment Zone. Mobile Amusing Hub or

Entertainment Zone” is basically an Entertainment Place where university going students will be able to refresh their mind and brain to reduce study stress. After attending classes usually students feel tired and boring so at that particular time they need an effective break to get some refreshment or to get ready for the next class. From that point of view we have got the idea of launching Freedom Island which can act as a motivation factor and which will lead the students to be more focused on their studies. Company: This is the Company of our Mobile Amusing Hub. Here we introduce some correctional game & show for university going student.

We will let them introduce with show which is divided into 4 parts as Planet show which is our Main Service; here we show them the mystery of the sky. Then laser Show with music. Puppet show here we bring some cultural thing of our rural people life. Lastly our traditional show Bioscience. In Bioscience we will show the picture of different time of & wonders in the world, Historical Place of the world, sometimes we will show them theme cinema in there. After that we will give them some game zone which is physical game rather than any digital cause students are now so much addicted into PC game.

We will remove their . Monotonous life with this interesting physical game. Some times we will organize a tournament with surprise gift items. Website: Fem.. Com. Bad. Our Show products are: Laser Show: Planet show: puppet Show: Our Game products are: Domino: Ping Pong Skills: Hit the Balloon: Ball in the pipe: Bioscience: Words & synonyms Fishing Game Dart board: X-box mania And Lana game tournament: Objectives and issues Mission statement: Our mission is to acquire student satisfaction by providing rarity of entertainment and build up their knowledge.

Corporate mission: providing best quality based service Full entertainment Focus on university going students Providing creativity knowledge through different games Following legal issues Our corporate mission is to provide best quality based service with full of entertainment. For that our main focus on university going students who can increase their creativity knowledge through different kinds of games which we are going to Offer. We are also aware Of following legal issues. Financial objectives: Profit minimization Reduce costs

Increased market share Increased profit more than 5% by second year ( depends on group discussion) Marketing objective: attract students showing interesting entertainment tools showing our objective that what we want to offer create positive impact on our business purpose holding customers Acquire a pool of students- Attract a lot of university going students by introducing most of the entertainment tools that will break the monotony in their lives. Launch new programs- Some brand new products will be launched that would help to build up the knowledge of the students as well.

Satisfy- We would satisfy and also hold the university going students by introducing this sort of an entertainment that runs on wheels. Market Analysis: Target Market: The target market for “Traveling/Mobile Amusing Hub” is mainly the young people. With respect to other age groups, the youth get to spend more leisure time. Thus, they mostly spend it by hanging around with friends and playing video or other sort of games. Market Needs: According to our physical survey the Market Needs of this particular business is huge.

Already we have interviewed few university going students informally about Mobile Amusing Hub or Entertainment Zone” and we have got huge positive response and various perceptions. Moreover, in our country all the universities do not have entertainment zone where students can get their desired refreshment. On the other hand, the universities which have these facilities are very limited and not well modernized as students expect. In addition, this is a brand new idea of business and to provide refreshment to the students so we think and believe this business will do very well.

Market trends (market forecast): We identify market trends using technical analysis, a framework which Heraclites market trends as predictable price tendencies within the market when price reaches support and resistance levels, varying over time. The terms bull market and bear market describe upward and downward market trends, respectively. Market Growth: We know only in Dacha City there are more than 50 universities that have been established and most of them do not have a modern and well equipped entertainment zone. Thus, “Mobile Amusing Hub or Entertainment Zone” business has a bright future.

In our country there is a lot Of scope for expansion Of this business. Therefore, this an be added as one more strength of this business. Competition and market share: As we mentioned earlier this is a brand new idea of business that is why at this time there are no competitors. If there is any, it would not create any problem for us because the area of this business is very big. Most importantly, we will ensure the best quality through our services and we will stay updated so that we can meet up the customer’s expectations all the time. SOOT Analysis- Strength: This is totally a new business in Bangladesh.

So it is a unique business this uniqueness is our main strength Weakness: People can copy his business easily. Opportunity: To measure the attractiveness and success of the business, we have created a mean through which we will be able to the possible combination of high/low attractiveness and high/low success considering some of the macro-environment factors. Quadrant 1 (high attractiveness and high success): “Freedom Island” is created for the youth so that their life does not get dull and monotonous. Moreover, new games are introduced to the market which will eventually be highly successful and attractive.

Affordable prices of the games are set especially for the young generation. Cultural environment will be highly beneficial because students will have the opportunity to gather knowledge from various cultural based entertainments such as puppet show and bioscience. Quadrant 2 (high success and low attractiveness): TO overcome the change in consumer changing patterns new games are to be introduced in every month and in addition there will shows such as planet and laser show etc. Not only that but we are introducing tournaments based on specific games and few games will also consist of gift items.

We would give few instruments such as guitars, violin, drums etc for rent only for a onto so that students can use these for learning music or use them in the purpose of university cultural programs. Quadrant 3 (high attractiveness and low success): Most of the universities going student do not get the opportunity to earn money. Thus, they will play by paying for the games which are extremely reasonable and would not exceed their usual allowance. The environment is not going to affected to a great extent because we are recruiting a full time maintainer who will make sure to keep the surrounding of our business neat and clean.

Quadrant 4 (low attractiveness and low success): Technological factor might be an issue because of the presence of smart phones and tablets in the market. Nevertheless, Achieve in front fathom and other exciting games will be there. Government agencies or pressure groups might intervene regarding the placement of the vehicle in front of the private university. Threat matrix: To measure the possible threats and their occurrences, we have created a mean through which we will be able to identify the possible combination of high/low threats and high/low probability of occurrences considering some of the macro-environment factors.

Quadrant 1 (high probability of occurrence and high seriousness): Other age groups might have a negative opinion about such a business. During rainy season it might be a huge challenge to coordinate few games around the vehicle. Nevertheless, tents will be arranged to avoid such a scenario and eventually this would create a wonderful environment to make it enjoyable for the students. Quadrant 2 (high probability of occurrence and low seriousness): The business might hamper the students ‘studies if they turn up for playing games throughout the day.

However, our team and staffs is going o make sure that students do not spend their time in the hub the entire day. Earthquake might rupture the set up of the business. Long queues might lead to chaos. Product life cycle management and new product development: Growth Maturity Profit Decline price of the products (games): Products Price Dominoes 20 Ping pong skills Words and synonymous 25 Ring and food Fishing game Ball in the pipe Hit the balloon Target the planet X-Box mania (tournament) 30 Dart board Laser show 35 Wonders in the space show 7 wonders in the bioscience Puppet show Musical element 700 (monthly)

Distribution : Geographical coverage: Geographical coverage is important factor to a business that depends on who will be your customer, how you serve and what types of service you want to serve. Our main Motto is to reduce monotony Of students. So we decided to Start our business first at East West university which are situated at Patronage. The reasons behind are that it is new campus and the number of students is increasing day by day. Though our main aim is not profit minimization, we need a huge response to run our business. So we decided that first one year we stay here.