Cambodias Genocide – Term Paper

Cambodias Genocide

What this particular example shows us about the difficulties of social cohesion and power sharing

From the Cambodias genocide, it is clear that while social cohesion may be aimed at social inclusion, capital as well as mobility, social cohesion may not be realizable in a real world as personal interest and objective usually overrides the economic growth objectives. Pol Pot just like other leaders came to power under the disguise of power sharing in a pact that would see their people realize economic growth but their personal interest conflicted with the social cohesion/ Communist peasant farming society goals. In the case of Cambodia, Pol Pot had ulterior motives of becoming the superpower. Greed for power to attain and sustain his leadership and economic interest lead to the extreme violence

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What it was that brought to an end the extreme violence encountered in this example

The violence only stopped when external/ international forces steeped into the country.

What rebuilding practices or strategies have been successful, and what barriers or challenges exist

The rebuilding strategy that was used was reconciliation and tribunals. Tribunals were formed to search into and analyze the antecedents and consequences of the genocide with the aim of reconciling the members of the public with the former Khamer Rouge

Whether these practices or strategies have been used effectively elsewhere

Yes, the Cambodia genocide program has been used in other countries with few modifications. For example, countries such as Rwanda used such model after the genocide in Rwanda

Whether these practices or strategies, or lessons learned, be used effectively elsewhere

 Yes, while most of the strategies used in Cambodia may be used elsewhere, the peacemakers may be required to modify the strategies to suit the problematic situations. For example, the sources of difference may vary and the cultural context may vary. It is important to scan the environment before making decision on the right strategies to implement.

What it means to be a “peace builder” – that is, does it seem to require special expertise, resources, and institutions/systems, or is peace building more ordinary and accessible than that

 Peace building does not require special expertise, but it does require resources and systems to be in place. Warring parties may not easily come together to initiate dialogue without incentives, systems or proper structures.