Cancer Term Paper

Paper on Cancer:

Cancer is the set of diseases, which are characterized with the negative unregulated process of the growing cells. Cancer is mostly associated with tumors which develop from the epithelium on various organs. The tumors have various negative qualities; that is why their existence causes harm to the human body and even threats the human life. Every tumor consists of the cancer cells and the disease is named according to the place where the tumor appears, for example, if the tumor is found on a lung, the disease is called lung cancer. Cancer is dangerous because of the qualities of the tumors, which contain cancer cells which grow very fast and have the ability to invade the neighbour tissues and cause harm to the neighbour organs. Unfortunately, the problem of cancer, the origin and the methods of it treatment has not been investigated yet and the disease is cured quite seldom.

Tumors appear because of the unregulated growth of cells and the cells gain their negative qualities to invade into the neighbouring tissue because of the certain mutations, and if the immune system fails to neutralize these cells on time, the disease starts to develop and cancer appears. There are several stages of cancer and it is obvious that the earlier it is detected, the more chances to cure it. Nearly every tumor can be cured and there are many methods of treatment applied for every type of cancer (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.). If cancer is not treated, the tumor grows to such an extent that the patient dies.

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Cancer is the most widespread disease of the modern civilization and a high percent of the mature people in the developed countries are its targets. The main factors which cause cancer are smoking, alcohol abuse, radiation, ultraviolet rays and certain viruses. Cancer is the problem of the modern world which requires solutions, so students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge on the topic and try to research the problem deeper writing a good term paper on cancer. They should collect reliable data for the research, analyze the origin, the types and factors which cause cancer and suggest the most appropriate solutions to the problem and the most effective methods of treatment.

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