Canterbury Tales, Story of Lady of Bath and The Knight – Term Paper

Canterbury Tales, Story of Lady of Bath and The Knight



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Wife of Bath

The Knight




Martin: You are welcome my customers and you can choose the type of dressing that pleases you. I can provide you with some samples that you may like.

Lady of Bath: Thank you so much, but I would prefer to get you as opposed to the clothes in the shop

Knight: Excuse me Sir, I would like to get some few clothes for my wife as a present. I have been away from home for so long

Lady of Bath: That is interesting. For how long have you been away from home?

Knight: I have been gone for around three years and I really miss her

Martin: Here you are madam, and come this way sir I will show you some samples and you can choose which one you like

Lady of Bath: come let me show you how to dance and we could spend the day together and may be the night

Knight: I love my wife so much and I am ever faithful to her. My religious teaching and background guides me.

Lady of Bath: I like your character and you have taught me a lesson or two today. Pass my regards and I wish you all the best in your reunion (exits after taking the clothes she bought)

Character Analysis

The characters manifestation in the contemporary context would show they behave in the same way. Only that this time it would be so evident and they would not be in a position to hide their characters from the audience. For instance, the Wife of Bath, in her adulterous character may start by making unwarranted remarks towards Martin, the seller of clothes that may make him uncomfortable. In addition, she may also use her charm and tricks to make him give her some free clothes yet he is in a business selling dresses for all people. This may affect his business and it may fail in the long-term. On the other hand, the knights bravery may make him attractive to the wife of Bath as he gives out stories of how he loves his wife. His presence in the shop signifies that he wants to get a present for his wife as he intends to surprise her after being away from her for a long time in the battlefield. 

It is evident that his religious nature pushes him to behave in a certain character as well as be faithful to his wife as opposed to the wife of Bath who tries to seduce the boutique owner. The wife of bath may feel changed by the knight and change her character for the better as she might realize that it is important to remain faithful when in a marriage setting. At the end of the transaction, each of them goes their own way and each receives the item they bought after getting the discount. Some of the themes presented therein include trust, patience, marriage, love, amongst others.