Career Goals and Strategy – Term Paper

Strategic career plan

From time immemorial, organizations operate in ever-changing environments, and as such, they need to constantly change their strategies in order to remain relevant in a stiffly competitive market. Many organizations have collapsed along the way owing to their inability or inflexibility to adapt to changes that the business environment demanded. Closure of a business, however, brings with it numerous negative implications. There will be massive job losses in the wake of businesses collapsing, causing negative ramifications in the process, especially with the welfare of those whose livelihoods were pegged on those organizations. For this reason, it is important to constantly keep one’s skills up to date so as to effectively deal with challenges taking place within the business environment. I strongly believe in the power of education in keeping myself updated on current trends in the market, to be able to handle any issues in any part of the global market. I intend to be an expert in the financial services sector and the only way to achieve this would be to pursue an MBA. 

I intend to have exposure to numerous opportunities in the corporate world, making me highly marketable. Recent hiring trends show that candidates holding an MBA were highly sought after. An MBA would give me the opportunity to have a wide field of career opportunities to choose from, and in the process reduce instances of job insecurity. An MBA will also help me in negotiating for a better salary scale, especially as an MBA comes with an upgraded knowledge and skills level that will help corporations in better management of challenges within the business environment. An MBA also comes with its own perks in the form of higher salaries which can be attributed to the increased skill and knowledge level as well as the high demand. 

Professional goals

An executive MBA will equip me with the appropriate skills as well as a new level of confidence in effectively tackling challenges in my career. With my vast experience in the financial services sector, an MBA to boot will make me an expert in the field, having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to handle any challenge that presents itself in my career progression. With an MBA, I will be able to design effective products that will best meet customer needs within the financial services sector, having analyzed market trends and being fully equipped with knowledge on customer needs, preferences, and trends. 

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With the vast exposure that comes with a new and deeper understanding of the market complexities, I will be able to establish useful networks that will not only help me in the progression of my career but help employers in the attainment of their objectives as well. This is through the exchange of ideas by interacting with employees and experts drawn from different organizations and parts of the world in seminars and conferences. These networks will be useful in helping me further improve my communication skills that will come in handy during presentations. Such networks will also help in the appreciation of different cultures and personalities that we come across in organizations. 

Career planning

I strongly believe that there is no end to the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the only way to keep oneself relevant in the corporate field is by constantly updating one’s skills and knowledge to meet the ever changing needs and demands in the corporate world. It is for this reason that I strongly believe in the value of an MBA in helping me attain my career objectives and help companies achieve competitive advantage by having the most skilled employees as their assets. 

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