Celeriats Leadership – Term Paper

Executive summary

Celeritas has been one of the major leading companies in the enterprise network optimization industry. Over the recent past, the company has become highly competitive, and some companies have been driven off the market. Because of the competition in the market, Celeritas market share has reduced to significantly a large percentage. As a result, their rate of growth has slowed down. The predicaments that are facing the firms made the SVP stop communicating and sharing information which is an essential part of leadership. Thy blamed each other for the shortcomings that are being experienced in the organization instead of sitting down and discussing the way forward. There has been missing a deadline that has been there. The problem is most likely to continue as Boyer, who is the company president and CEO does not display any leadership skills. He does not consult others while making the decision or hear any SVP opinion regarding decision making in the firm. This made VP’s lose their trust in their leadership skills.


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Celeriat is headed by Philip Boyer who is the president and CEO. The industry which has become more competitive requires leaders with good leadership skills that will make the company strive well in the competitive market. Philip Boyer has a weakness of making the end decision by himself. This is causing the company a big deal since the decision he takes on behalf of the company abides for the whole company. Byer believes that he is only mandated to take information from the SVP as comments but does not necessary matter a lot in the final decision making. He is so full of himself as the company has given him most powers. He can influence a lot of decision making in the company. He takes advantage of the situation and decides when to call the board of directors to discuss the way forward in the company and when not to call the board of directors in the company.

He chooses the pieces of information to share with the board of directors and information to hold from them. To worsen the situation, he can determine the position of the managers in the organization (Oduol 2014). As a result, the other managers within the organization are afraid to question his moves within the organization in fear of losing their jobs. However, there are complaints everywhere at his leadership skills are poor and that his sole making decision nature will lead to the collapse of the company. In the organization, Lloyd Dave played a central role in management. He is the SVP of the sales and marketing department. He is used to receiving complaints about the questionable leadership skills of Boyer. It is Lloyd that came out strongly and questioned him about his leadership skills. He related the fall of the company with is the dictatorial rule that has made the organization to lose its control within the SVP. This marked the beginning of a new revolution for better management skills in the company.


In this case study, it is evitable that the overall leader is uncooperative with other team members. Trait theory is a leadership theory that can be applied here. The theory reads that leaders share similar leadership traits. One key trait that should be in all leaders is cooperation with other employees for the benefit of the organization. Other traits that the leadership theory mentions are good decision making skills, integrity, empathy, likability or assertive. Boyer does not possess any some of these characteristics (Runde 2012). As a result, the company is facing hardship and becoming less competitive due to Boyer’s failure to observe this theory. Behavioral theory is also another leadership theory that explains what good leaders should do for the success of the organization. This theory can well apply in the case study since it focuses on the behavior of Boyer who has failed to behave like a leader.

Boyer is an autocratic leader that makes the decision without asking other team members. As much as this leadership kind of trait is of great help when there is the need to make the quick decision in the organization and when the board of directors opinion will not affect much (McNae, 2015). However, in situations where there is the need to teamwork, it is prudent to have a democratic leader. Boyer should be a democratic leader since the organization has the board of directors. Board of directors is supposed to be contacted in the situation where the decision is to make regarding the operation of the organization.  It is the best decision to undertake as team’s agreement is necessary. However, the team should realize that this leadership style may not be effective when there are divergent opinions all over the board. At the bottom end, Boyer should drop the dictatorial leadership and adopt democratic leadership to enhance good cooperation between employees and other board of directors.

Qualitative and quantitative data

Buy-in by all among team members

In any organization, it is necessary for the employees to create a good teamwork for the attainment of the company’s goals and objectives. The management should set a team’s direction to work towards the same goal and achievement. There should be the set target at the beginning of ever financial year (Grant,2012). The set goals should be related between on employee and the other. Also, the senior employees should be compelled to work as a unit. Through this, it would form the best basis for the organization leaders to work towards the attainment of t set goals. However, this is usually a challenge as in the case of Boyer. There are people who are introverts and teamwork’s simply don’t work out for them.

Working as a team may mean nothing to individuals. There are however what can be done to change the motives of leaders such as Boyer to work in a team so as to achieve the firm’s goal and objectives. When this is applied, the employees will be proud of the goal attained as they will see themselves as a contributor to the achievement. Employees such as Boyer should be made to realize that when the organization fails at the end of the academic year, ten they will be blamed for the failure. However, to make Boyer work in the team, it is important to make them realize all the benefits that will be realized from the teamwork and what each team member should do I order to achieve the goals of the organization.

Building and maintaining trust among employees

Trust is an essential virtue that must be implemented for the success of the team. The goals of the team cannot be achieved when the team member and the employees do not work together. It is evitable that the board of directors lost their trust in Boyer as their CEO and also their president. Regaining this trust may be quite hard though there is still a way out. One way this can be done is through engaging constant talks with Boyer to make him realize that free communication with the board of directors together with making the decision as a team will yield the company more benefits. One should make him realize the challenges the company has been facing because of his leadership nature of not collaborating with others. This will assist in softening his hard way of a ruling of not collaborating with others.  As a result, he will change and start consulting other team members before making the decision (Mosley, 2014).

Changes to be made in the organization

The organization culture of the company led by Boyer has bestowed so much power o Boyer that has made him take advantage of the situation. He is not consulting other board of directors while making the decision. Such a culture has cost the organization big time. The firm should draft their constitution to limit the power of the president. The constitution should demand him to consult other members before making key decisions in the organization.

Action to be taken by the organization/Conclusion

It is evitable that there have been no set don rules within the organization to govern the internal operations of the firm. Setting up a constitution within the organization will help to reduce the powers of the president. In this way, the powers of Boyer shall have been reduced. Additionally, the board of directors should hold several talks with the president to make him understand that working as a team will help the organization be competitive in the market and also assist its expansion. Dialogue with him will eventually result to him softening his decision. 


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