Cholera Term Paper

Paper on Cholera:

Cholera is the intestinal anthroponotic infection which is caused by the bacteria Vibrio cholera.

An individual can infect his small intestine consuming food products and water which is contaminated with the human waste products (feces), so it is obvious that the major cause of infection is the poor sanitary and hygienic conditions. Cholera is characterised with diarrhea, vomiting and rapid loss of the body fluids, which causes dehydration, hypovolemic shock and death. Generally, cholera is transmitted during epidemics, when the food or water is contaminated and many people consume it infecting one another. Endemic areas of cholera are located in Africa, Latin America, India and South-East Asia. The latest epidemic case occurred in Haiti, where more than 3000 people died and 200 000 people were infected. The humanity has been suffering from cholera during its whole history.

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Cholera was described by the ancient Greek philosophers and doctors, occurred in India and Africa. In fact, the detailed description of cholera from the medical point of view started only in the 19th century, when scientists started to research the infection deeper trying to understand the cause and effect of cholera on the human organism. The best method to prevent cholera is the constant maintenance of the hygiene and sanitary norms. In addition, it is important to prevent spreading the disease behind the boarders of the epidemic areas. When the person has been infected, she is isolated and cured scrupulously (the organism of the patient is constantly supplied with water to avoid dehydration). Besides, there is a vaccination for cholera which is effective from three to six months and it is inevitable for the tourists who are travelling to the exotic counties.

Cholera is the dangerous disease which can deprive the patient from life, so students should learn about the infection as much as possible to be aware about its cause and effect and methods of treatment. A good term paper on cholera is the detailed research on the infection.

Students are expected to present the cause of cholera, provide the consequences of the disease, epidemiology, ways of transmission, methods of prevention and treatment. Students are able to observe the disease on the basis of the direct cases in order to catch the symptoms and the real danger of cholera.

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