Civil Disobedience Term Paper

Disobedience Term Paper:

Civil disobedience is the activity of the political origin, which is characterized with the intentional break of the law with the purpose to attract the attention of the general public to the problem in the country and make the government change the laws introducing the more reasonable and convenient laws and acts in the country. Civil disobedience belongs to the form of the peaceful and civilized protest against the unfaithful activity of the government. This form of behaviour was first introduced by Henry David Thoreau in his essay ‘Civil Disobedience’ in 1866. Thoreau suggested quite an interesting and effective conception of the appropriate behaviour of the society in case of the self-will of the government. The behaviour is very easy: the citizens stop paying taxes demonstrating their protest against the activity of the government. This action is much more effective than the violent opposition against the officials, because the executives are not able to punish the whole society and will have to fulfil their demands.

The practice of civil disobedience was used by such well-known public figures as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (struggled for the civil rights in India) and Martin Luther King (struggled for the rights of the African-Americans in the USA in the 20th century). Nowadays peaceful civil disobedience is one of the most effective methods of opposition against the unfaithful government, as the violent revolution is not always helpful for the solution of the problem. There are many types of civil disobedience today which have the single purpose: persuade the government fulfil the demands of the citizens for the improvement of their life.

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Civil disobedience is quite an effective way to oppose the government and demonstrate the civil resistance and power of the common people. If there is a necessity to complete a good term paper on civil disobedience, one should work hard and collect many trustworthy facts about the problem.

The student is expected to explain the concept of civil disobedience in detail and dwell on the core aspects and elements of the problem. One should think over the reasons of civil disobedience and analyze its effect on the direct examples from the human history, because there are many examples of the successful civil resistance which changed the life in the countries for the better.

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