Computer based medical records – Term Paper

Manual paper-based medical records have had limitations in providing accessible information. Often the records are physically unavailable due to errors during the filling or since different users have to access the information or the data record in various locations at the same time (Dansky, 1999). Due to this medical sectors have embraced the use of computer technology in the processing of the information in hospitals. Medical records in hospitals come from a significant number of patients hence becomes cumbersome. Computer applications are oriented in administration functions which include demographic files, billing of the patients and preparation of insurance. Here are some of the computer application benefits in health records;

Computer application provides a search program that enables the operator in the hospital to locate a particular patient to enquire for registration or checkup. This enables the system to let the operator know whether the patient is either currently in hospital, waiting for admission or recently discharged (Dansky, 1999). When there is no information of a patient, it is easier for the operator to take action through editing the patients’ information or set up for new patients. Computer application is also able to get insurance information of a patient. Through this, the operator can edit the insurance information of the patient by changing the insurance providers or searching for the third party for the insurance.

  Lastly, it also ensures there are strict privacy and security of the patients’ information where strict security codes are used, and only authorized users can access the information (Dansky, 1999). The programme can have its check on who is accessing the patient information. Each user is therefore required to have a username and password which is given by the management and changed periodically.

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