Consumerist society – Term Paper

The current generation is mainly comprised of disenfranchised youth who fear work but love the expensive lifestyle. The generation derives their values and status from those brands that they consume or their outer selves that they put on a show for to make other jealous. They are brought up as TV watching generation who binge watch but love quick money. The generation is not ready to pursue the meaningful job or work for their money. They are quick to spend on the next flashy designer clothes beyond their means but have a stinking attitude towards work. Generation Y and Millennial are test subjects in a marketing lab who are subjected to the consumerism advanced by the corporations.

The problems with this generation are that they do not think of wealth building but consumption. They do not think about the next generation or the generation to come but their generations only. They are not only selfish spends who would consume more than they can afford, but also willing to blow up their meager salaries on flashy products just to appear “fab(ulous).” While not specific to any ethnic group or race, the generation fabulous are caught in the rigmarole of spending their future not knowing that they are being railroaded by the corporation that sells to them the fabulous lifestyle only to make the companies rich. The millennial, generation-Y and generation -X are all affecting by the spending but are not willing to work hard. With each generation, the work ethics is lacking, and everyone wants to be an internet sensation or telegram celebrity as the corporation that owns the media companies sell the deals of instant gratification from internet stardom. 

The problems is that with the technological advancement, people are increasing developing shorter attention span and the graduation rates may be high, but most of the current generation are not interested in gaining academic success, a bite of the internet fame. It is increasingly becoming hard to identify graduates under the age of 30 and fewer people are graduating. This means that most of the current internet celebrities and generation fabulous will be waiting tables and working at a gas station when the internet fame is gone and them nothing to spend because they never learned to earn, and invest or save. It is  becoming increasingly difficult to understand

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Consumerism, Capitalism and Advertisements 

With the corporations selling the fabulous life, everyone wants to look flashy but trashy. Nobody wants to work hard as everyone is rushing to beat the daily deadline to appear flashy. Most f eh current generation are focused on appearing happy, while they are not happy. Nobody wants to be conscious enough to understand that they are living in a world created by the corporation to enslave them into spending money that they do not have and indulge in lifestyles that cannot sustain. The instant gratification the get from spending lasts less than one week, and this is why youths can spend on $2000 on Jordan’s instead of paying their college fees. Some youth spend over $4000 on designer perfumes that they are almost homeless. It is because consumption has become a disease ailing the entire generation.

There are iconic films, the showbiz, and the social media preach opulence, and fame, but they do not teach how to make money and save. After five years, the corporations would still be selling gas and owning hotels where the current consumers will work. The materialistic indulgence currently being portrayed by the excessively consumerist society is currently fueling the ultimate downfall of the current generation into disgrace and blue-collar jobs that they never wanted to do. In conclusion, the youth should note that underneath their internet glamor, sensation, fame, and extravagance, lays the ugly side of disenfranchisement, frustration, and poverty if they do not learn how to save and invest in education or some income earning activities.