Course Syllabus – Term Paper

Part 2 should describe major issues that you have with this article, and Part 3 might include less crucial issues. The critique will be due to me within a week after your in-class presentation. (3) Complete a term paper, done in a team of two or three, on a topic of interest to you that is related to decision analysis. The topic could be an application of decision analysis, a review or essay on a specific research area or types of applications, or a prospective discussion of a specific research topic in decision analysis that you think should be done or that you might like to pursue.

Term paper should be written as if they were to be submitted to a conference or a journal. Attendance and Participation: A portion of material covered in class may not appear in the reading or textbooks. Class attendance and participation is thus crucial. We expect that everyone will have something to contribute in this course, and we expect you to participate our discussion either by raising questions and comments about the reading materials or the model construction and analysis. You are also encouraged to relate the material to your own experience or current events.

We will try to do our discussion within an environment that is supportive for all our class members. Please be respectful to the class members and be punctual. Examination: There will be one final examination (scheduled on mid- or late December). This exam may consist of a combination of short answer problems, multiple choice problems, and calculation problems. Exam is closed-book, but key equations/tables/etc. Will be provided. Basic-function calculators are permitted. Programmable or graphing calculators, cell-phones, or Pads are not allowed.

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