Disadvantages And Advantages Of Internet – Term Paper

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

The Internet makes it possible for part-time workers and homemakers to working in the comfort of their homes. They do not need to secure permanent jobs that would require them to appear physically in their respective workstations. The Internet also allows people to carry out more than one job specifications at the time. For instance, one can be a professional in any relevant field and again work online as a consultant in the same area.

Internets improves the art of communication among people from different parts of the world. For instance, a trader can secure goods from a seller in a different geographical place without necessarily traveling to that particular location. The internet has succeeded in turning the world into a global village. People can communicate through various media such as videos and skypes through the aid of internet. Employees can receive instructions from their bosses while in different locations without meeting physically. Again communication through the internet has made it possible for students to carry out distant learning activities successfully. They can receive instructions and relay their responses to their lecturers without traveling to meet them. 

The Internet has improved security in various fields. For instance. Most organizations have installed CCTV systems to monitor all the activities which take place within and without the agencies. The CCTV system cannot function without the aid of internet. It has created a milestone in the security sector and consequently on the lives of several people across the world. 

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Internet as a tool has improved the learning process in all learning institutions across the world. Students can research for relevant pieces of information using the online platforms without reading through physical books. Students can also share sources of information quickly among themselves at a lesser cost compared to real sharing of books. 

The Internet has improved the volume of data processing and storage. Currently, organizations use the technology of cloud computing to store various data that could otherwise not fit in their computer hardware. They also use the critical data technology to save large volumes of information through the internet. It has not only increased efficiency in data analyses and management, but it has also reduced the tiresome paperwork in prominent organizations.

The Internet is useful in the media industry. It has increased the sales of music productions. Artists can produce their musical materials and upload them into the internet for their fans to access without meeting them physically. The fans can then access such media products from the comfort of their houses at affordable prices.

Finally, the internet is not only a tool in the information and communication field; it is an integral component of all other facets of livelihood in the current world. There is virtually no sector in the contemporary society which can survive without the aid of internet services. It applications apply in the significant areas of the global economy such as agriculture and industrializations. It acts as a bridge between human beings and their essential needs.