English Literature Term Paper

Paper on English Literature:

English literature is the literature of Great Britain from its early days to the modern times. The literature of Great Britain like the literature of any country touches upon the beginning of the development of English society and starts approximately in the 7th century AD. English literature is divided into the great number of historical periods which reflect the current problems of the life of people, the level and the way of life. Literature is an important factor which helps understand the traditions and customs, lifestyle, material and moral values of a country, because although every writer creates fiction, he describes certain moments of life in his country in the text. The literature of Great Britain starts from the 7th century and is called Old English Literature. The writers of that period use the variant of Old English language which is often not understandable for modern people.

Then there is Middle English period which is characterized with the further development of literature and such well-known writers as Geoffrey Chaucer (‘The Canterbury Tales’) which brought it to the new level appeared. The literature of Renaissance opened a great number of poets and writers who are known all over the world and represent English literature from the best side. The most famous English poet William Shakespeare and writers Tomas More and Francis Bacon created at that period of time. Naturally, the greatest development of English literature was observed in the 18th and 19th centuries, because they country gave birth to such geniuses as Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle and others.

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English literature is considered to be one of the most influential and the richest in the world, no wonder the classics of English literature are read in every corner of the planet. If one wants to prepare a good term paper on English literature, he should try to touch upon every its period and mention its value and importance illustrating the process of gradual development of literature, philosophical thought and talent of writers. It is important to analyze the literature from all sides and define the most peculiar features which distinguish English literature from the literature of other countries. Finally, one is supposed to define the value and importance of the literature of Great Britain for the world culture.

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