Entrepreneurship – Term Paper

Senior Care Consultants Business Service

The business is to offer advisory services on healthy living standards and prudent financial spending. The enterprise would employ a number of social workers, nurses, financial consultants, gerontologists in addition to other professionals that have experience and credentials in taking care of the elderly.

Products and services

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The business would offer the seniors with the best information and also recommendations that would contribute to long-term living arrangements and healthy life that are in line with their financial needs and also to their preferences. These recommendations and advisory services would ensure that the elderly have optimum and quality life. Therefore, the primary service that the business would offer is consultancy services to the aged for healthy living.

Targeted Customers

The business would target the seniors who have 50 years and above and who are still working in high-level corporate careers or professions. These seniors work 60 to 80 hours on average per week and make about $100,000 per year. The targeted customers also love being healthy, looking good and being social and therefore advisory services that contribute to better living would serve.


Customers to the aforementioned services would buy them since they contribute to a successful living and improved way of life. The services the business would offer also would enhance proper usage of the finances by the seniors once they retire from their work. A point to note is that the services the business offers are at the best prices having considered the financial potential of the customers we target.


The cost of consultations to each client would be $35-$50 per hour whereby the level of the prices is set with regard to the advisory services being sought and the intensity of coverage the consultant may need to cover. The services offered would be reliable, timely and helpful to the clients. This would ensure that the seniors are in full understanding of the recommendations and advice they get from various specialists within the company. It would also ensure that seniors can reap the best from the company and therefore increase their loyalty to the business. To start with, the business is expected to be a medium sized company employing about 50 employees that would include fully qualified and experienced healthy consultants, social workers, nurses, financial consultants and gerontologists.

Start-up Cost

As a result, the start-up cost for the company would not be too large. In additional to this, the company line of product is the advisory services so no much capital requirement. Capital amounting to $30,000 would be required to start the business broken as follows: Electronic tax registers $5,000, Leasing of offices $15,000 Stationery $ 3,000, Furniture and fixtures $5,000, other additional items $2,000. However, in the future, as the business grows the company will expand to become a large sized company.


To attract customers, the company would employ some marketing strategies such as making adverts in the newspapers, on the social media platforms and through radio and television shows and channels. In additional to these strategies the company would invite the seniors to educative seminars and present information on the services they offer.

Equipment and Funding

The business requires about two-story building with offices in the first and second floor fully equipped with materials helpful to providing these services such as books and simple medical tools. The initial capital is from savings which amount to $20,000 while the additional amount is from borrowing from the bank and securing it with logbook. After takeoff of the business, the amount generated from the services offered would finance all the expenses the company would incur in future while the rest is the profit.


The consultancy services business would thus be of a major implication to the customers as it makes decision making easier and improves the precision by which the arrival to the same is implemented. This would contribute greatly to the individuals and the economy equally due to the improved productivity from the professional advice that accompanies decision making especially in fields concerning money and investment.