Environmental Engineering Statement of Purpose – Term Paper

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Overcoming environmental challenges requires innovative solutions. For decades, the menace of environmental degradation has continued to affect the climate, and there is the need to come up with modern methods of maintaining a friendly environment. After graduating from Kuwait University, I was eager to pursue my masters at the same institution. However, I late application due to family problems hindered me from pursuing the anticipated plan. The lost chance opened up my mind to seek for other alternatives in high-leveled institutions like Michigan University. I come from a developing country, and I feel that the academic system in Kuwait cannot satisfy my curiosity and ambition to acquire knowledge on new technologies. My choice to study Civil and Environmental Engineering was a result of a desire for continuous learning. The civil and environmental engineering program at Michigan University captured my attention due to its intensive course modules that will provide me with the skills required in finding solutions to global problems like climate change. Coming from the Middle East raised my expectations on the field of study, as it remains unexploited. Personally, I would like to create awareness on environmental problems and develop sustainable solutions. 

Mathematics is my favourite subject especially because it is associated with the finding of solutions to complex problems. I became interested in studying courses that require problem -solving. I chose to study Civil Engineering at the University level, where I graduated with distinction class honours. My graduation project was titled “Chromo+ City”, and it entailed four design aspects namely, structural, environmental, geotechnical and construction management. I further conducted a study on “Green Roofs” where I researched on the possibility of implementing green roof technologies in Kuwait. 

My Interest in Engineering

My interest in Engineering propelled me to study beyond what my University offered. To prepare for enrollment in a University away from Kuwait, I studied Berlitz proficiency course in English up to level 6 and successfully passed TOFEL ITP tests with a high score of 557. Attending a course offered by the Kuwait Society of Engineering in “Smart Roman Choice: Green Concrete and Sustainable Development” opened my mind on finding innovative solutions to clean cities. 

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I have furthered my skills by taking a course of required standard in Staad Pro at AL – Khawarizmi Center for Training Computer. The course was useful as I acquired knowledge on structure modelling and analysis program that is vital for my career. I have also learned technical skills on various computers programs such as C++,   AutoCAD, internet ability, Primavera, Microsoft office, and P-Spice. The skills are useful in my engineering career, and I realised that there are new techniques that I will continue to learn, and apply the knowledge in solving problems. The extra studying outside my undergraduate classroom has equipped me with sufficient knowledge, and I believe that I have a better understanding of theoretical principles of engineering especially the environmental issues. I have a strong desire to make a positive impact on the preservation of the environment. During my two-months tenure as a teacher assistant at Nottingham British School in Kuwait, I learned the importance of creating an appropriate learning environment. While volunteering as Multimedia Journalist Assistant, I acquired the skills of collecting and sharing information on time, accuracy and the importance of teamwork.       

      I request for an admission at Michigan University to pursue my Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering because the course offers both creative and technological skills of coming up with solutions to problems. I am passionate in engaging in projects from the inception to their conclusion, and I believe I will come up with innovative programs that will improve the environment. After my Masters, I plan to enrol for my Ph. D. immediately and contribute to the society through research and development.