Ethical and Legal Issues on the Internet

Do you think the Internet has made students less ethical? The Internet doesn’t make people unethical; it only enables unethical people to do what they were always going to do – cheat, plagiarism, infringe on copyrights – easier and faster. I What can colleges do today to help encourage academic integrity and deter unethical behavior? I By establishing a code of ethics that clearly defines what is acceptable behavior and taking disciplinary action against those that break the code.

I Where is blobbing going in the future? I Blobbing will become a more credible and valuable way to examine social, political, cultural, legal and entertainment issues. I Why should we pay any attention to what you say in your blob? You don’t have to have an advanced degree to be an expert in something, have an opinion or facilitate a discussion. And most floggers don ‘t claim to be anything more than regular people sharing ideas. How do you see micro-blobbing sites like Twitter and Tumbler affecting news delivery?

Micro-blobs are really only useful for sending mass messages to rinds; it’s basically Web-based text messaging. I Do you think floggers or micro-floggers should also abide by a code of ethics? I No. Floggers are all completely independent and not beholden to the same rules journalists. They should be able to do or say anything they want. I Assessment A, Part 2: MOB News Interview I If you knew someone bought a term paper, would you turn them in? I No would not, that person is only cheating himself and may just catch up to that person sooner they he thinks.

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I How do you view the expanding role of blobs in reporting current news? I I IEEE the expanding role Of blobs in reporting current news as very persuasive to the flogger’s audience. But it plays an important role. I Do you think floggers should give the news media a little respect and just follow and comment on the news, instead of break it? I Yes, floggers should give the news media a little respect but the flogger would not have details the news media will have. I Assessment B: Write a Blob Entry I Blob entry: I Plagiarism is probably the main concern when it comes to blobbing and academic assignments.

Should it be our responsibility to minimize plagiarism, sees it is. Academic Integrity helps keep higher learning’s foundation strong. That is why it is very important to minimize or even try to eliminate plagiarism. Academic integrity surely includes issues like cheating and plagiarism, copyrights, patents, intellectual property. But it concerns the way in which we present ourselves to the community of which we are a part of. It’s the obligation of students, administrators, faculty, and staff, to come together to educate students for personal and social responsibility.

Schools offer to the earning community information about academic and research integrity, the responsible conduct of research, and about the ways in which our individual actions have an effect on our participation with, a vibrant and creative academic and social community. Plagiarism, the use of another’s words, ideas, data, or product without appropriate acknowledgment, such as copying another’s work, presenting someone else’s opinions and theories as one’s own, or working jointly on a project and then submitting it as one’s own.

Cheating, the use or attempted use of unauthorized materials such as annotated or instructor editions of the course textbook, information, or study aids; or an act of deceit by which a student attempts to misrepresent academic skills or knowledge. Fabrication is the intentional misrepresentation or invention of any information, such as falsifying research, inventing or exaggerating data, or listing incorrect or fictitious references. There are ways for responsible blobbing as long as people can be ethical and follow them blobbing may become more credible. First Floggers should check their facts before blobbing.

It is so simple to produce and share content why not make ere it is 100% facts before sharing. Floggers should respect all copyright laws, people associate online content with public domain content which can get the flogger in hot water. Floggers should include links to a more detail source of the material that is being written. Giving credit where credit is due is very important in responsible blobbing. The flogger should always reference their sources, this practice is important under an ethical point of view, but also give the reader a place to get the main source of facts. 0 2009 Towline, Inc. All rights reserved.