Ethics in Criminal Justice Term Paper

After seeing the uncontrolled brutality of your partner you have to be having thoughts that may include if you really know exactly the person that you are working with. However the brotherhood factor brings you back to the reality of things; that you are both cops and on the same team, unfortunately for right or wrong. So you go into the court room and lie for your fellow officer (Pleas/Options). Best case scenario if you lie on the stand is that everything goes over smooth and your partner gets off clean and the story checks out and you go on living your life as normal; which would rarely happen in this world we live in.

The real story of what will probably happen, do to the fact that it would probably be a media nightmare for the police force. If you truly decided to enter into court and perjure yourself, I am certain that you will eventually be in the defendant seat in due time; making the department look Ethics in Criminal Justice Term Paper By floater of back lash and trust they will let you burn on your own Just to keep the flames away from the department; they will preserve the integrity of the department at all cost.

On the other hand if you decide to tell the truth an turn on your partner you would cost certainly be labeled a whistle blower; the equivalents of a rat on the street to the police force. You would have dodge a perjury charge and Jail time; however you may have sacrificed your career as you know it. More than likely you are going to have to transfer out of state and hope that your past never catches up with you or you may have to the same thing all over again. It depends on the person which weights more; being tripped in a now dead end Job or to Just walk away and start over.

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The officer certainly showed clear intention of what he wanted to do by getting in the ace seat when he knew it was against the law and he was even warned by his partner of the laws and he still decide to get in the back seat ignoring his partners request and even instructing him to Just drive to the station. Then he begins to verbally abuse the prisoner and shortly after the ride started and began to physically attack the handcuffed prisoner. So I believe his intentions were very clear of what he wanted to accomplish.

Like I mentioned early the prisoner was a complete bad guy, I truly believe that rapist and pedophilia are the scum of the earth and I am not tutee sure I would have beat him pretty badly either on my own terms; however the seemliness does not merit the unlawful beating of a prisoner in the back of a police cruiser. If we allow acts like these to occur, I assure you it will not be to long before the problem of police brutality has become uncontrollable; and then we would have created another issue.

Although it is clear that the prisoner has issues with his sexuality, the proportionality of the crime certainly does not match the beating he received. The prisoner claims to have received kidney damage, the lost of two teeth ND knowing the beating was unlawful, it certainly would be a complete violation of his civil rights as a United States citizen. Many may understand that police brutality is a thing of the past; however I truly believe that this scenario happens more than we believe and is either covered up or washout of the court process.

These processes of preservation may have help the department to remain untarnished in its own image, however it may have created a problem that has yet to be fully seen. I believe to minimize the problems of police brutality you would have to rule make an example out of the corrupt officers on the force; I would believe that this type of action may begin to sway the public opinion of the police department. That is what makes it so important to understand and maintain the standard of objectivity and how it relates to your personal feelings.

This officer had totally lost control and had no intention on following the use of force scale. The department supervisor should have immediately called for a more complete investigation as well as following the use of force review protocol; it is substandard and negligent for the previous not to ask specific questions calculated to determine the underlying reason why the arresting officer used force (Cope & Callahan, 2010).

If I was in the situation, I would like to say I would have stopped him from getting in the back seat in my cruiser in the first place, so this situation would have never happened. However, if I so happened to end up in court having to testify against a fellow officer that I watched beat the heck out of a handcuffed prisoner, as well as having the convicted felon if a guilty verdict is reached. I would have to do some real soul reaching, weighting the option of a clear conscience or a promising career as well as what I can and cannot live with.