Female Reproductive System Diseases – Term Paper

Genitourinary tract infections

Question 1

The infections in the genitourinary tract are problems that are common in the males and cause great discomfort in the patients. One of the common causes of the infections in the genitourinary tract is the Alzheimer’s disease. There are symptoms of the disease and these included the patient being dull and listless, the patient having more pronounced memory problems and the patient peeing all over the place at which he is. There are various tests that can be carried out to detect Alzheimer’s disease and three main tests include checking the blood pressure, pulse and temperature, listening to the heart and lungs and finally testing blood and urine samples for the disease. 

Reproductive diseases

Question 2

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The patient in question is suffering from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), a common disease that affects women. This is an infection that affects the womb of a woman and other organs such as fallopian tubes and ovaries. It is caused when bacteria from the vagina of the cervix travel to the womb, womb and the fallopian tubes and cause and infection. There are, however, no tests for the PID and diagnosing the disease requires a combination of analysis of the analysis of the medical history of the patient, physical examination of the patient and other tests results. However, there are various signs that suggest the probability of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and these are pain in the lower abdomen, unusual discharge that has a bad odor from the vagina of the patient, the patient having fever and the patient experiencing pain or bleeding during the time of sexual intercourse. Other diagnostic checks on the patient include the patient having a burning sensation when she urinates and finally, the patient bleeding during her periods.