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Best friends story

I was only ten years attending elementary school in the United States. Throughout my life, I have always found breaks important especially if there is a snack or some meal. This made the lunch break one of my favorite breaks during my year in the elementary level. In addition, my granny was prepared a delicious sandwich and I would always look ahead at having it. Occasionally, we sat together in a group of friends and shared our food. We would then play games such as tether-ball and capture the flag, which made the lunch break more interesting. Moments spent eating and playing with these friends formed the foundation for our strong friendship today. In a period of three years, we formed a strong cycle of genuine friends. I never realized that childhood friends would last that long until lately when I recalled the things we did together. We continued to have lunch. We would still play games during and after lunch, which seems to have strengthened the bond further. Many people believe that dinning together helps to establish a close and tight bond between members. From a personal experience, this happened and helped me in making lifetime friends from childhood. Teachers knew my circle of friends. They encouraged extend the same friendship in studies. We would discuss and work on assignments together, which helped to improve our performance. In this group was John, a talkative kid, who was always making us laugh almost all the time. I would always hush him when he went too far. He would always make this annoying face whenever I did it. I would always make a joke out of his funny face to calm him down. We grew fond of each other and even started visiting each other at our homes. This friendship was pronounced and parents knew about, and encouraged it. The bond grew stronger and we even went for holidays together. Until now, even though we have families of our own, we still chat and have family meetings and holidays together.

Two best friends

MY best friend is Francis. It’s been three years of a wonderful companionship since we met and as anyone would agree, it’s the best things that are always kept close. Today, I celebrate Francis, not just as my best friend but also as my fiancee’s I look forward to the great day of December 10, 2016, when I shall officially commit to marrying him. On this beautiful Friday afternoon of April 2013, I had just finished my end of semester exams and was getting ready to bid bye to university education, save for one long research project I still hard to finish. The research was not the problem through; it was my supervisor who, with his keen eye and attention to detail had kept all my course mates waiting for him as he had traveled out of town. Frustrated and angry, we sat under the shades impatiently waiting for the lecturer who, according to us, didn;t care so much about us. It was at this desperate moment that Francis, out of the blues, came and offered me an ice cream. The discussion that followed endeared me to him. Francis proved to be so knowledgeable on a broad range of issues, including my course and project which he quickly helped me review and make some vital changes which proved critical later during my suppression. I was the first to be released, and I got an A in the unit. I just had to go searching for him after that.

Super best friends

My best friend in one of the most rare breeds of friends I am lucky to have. Life can be boring without such friends. As a matter of fact, I refer to him as family, since, he is the person I confide in without fear. I have complete trust in him. I met Kim as we were going out on a Boy Scout camp in Nyeri. This is a famous camp for Scouts in Kenya. We were from different schools, and this meant that we were opponents as our schools were in the race for the ultimate trophy. As fate would have it, I ended up in the same mud race with Kim. I grew a hostile attitude towards him from the moment I saw him. He was very bossy to his team and did nothing but order everyone around. We all gathered at the start point and Kim was on the lane next to me, on the right. “Bop!”, the baton was clapped and the race through the muddy track had started. It was tough and tiresome wadding through the thick mud in heavy gumboots. I tried my best and used the last ounce of energy left in my weakening body. Suddenly, the world went black on me. All I could remember was muddy water splashing on my face. When I came to, I could see white ceiling boards. I was on a bed, a hospital bed. Our Scout Patron informed me that I had collapsed on the track. I learnt that Kim had given up his chance to clinch the first position by assisting me off the track and into an ambulance. Later that day, I met with Kim. I have to admit he was awesome, contrary to my judgement at first sight. Since then, we have been the best of friends and have presented several scouting projects that have won awards. We are in the same team of writers today.

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