Gender inequality in the workplace – Term Paper

I propose to do research on staffing in companies and other fields of employment, such as the government, to determine how well gender equality displays itself. My focus will be on all levels of job groups, from junior employees to senior most employees. I purpose to come up with data that will help generate ways to alleviate the problem. Gender balance in staffing and lack thereof will be essential to be looked into as it speaks volume of whether there is fairness among men or women in employment. The research will, therefore, be necessary to not only identify whether there is a gender imbalance in employment but also outline solutions to the problem.

Research Hypothesis

There are several assumptions in regards to the question of gender equality in staffing. Some of the hypothesis that the research will look into include the alternative hypothesis which are:

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1.  If top positions in employment will be occupied by males and females in equal measure, there will be higher productivity.

2.  Employers will have a lot of respect if they stop discriminating against men or women during employment.

In addition to that, the research will also focus on the null hypothesis, which is that:

3. The government will not achieve gender equality in employment if it continues campaigning for the equality without implementing appropriate policies.

Description and Methodology

Collecting data that is useful to the research will be pivotal to the success of the study. It is with that regard that the survey intends to request for a payroll from different companies, their list of employees which will include their rank. Moreover, I will interview different human resource managers to find out their perspective on the matter. However, previous researchers have relied on government reports to come up with statistics and real gender representation. However, over-reliance on that can prove incorrect for political reasons. Thus, data from the private sector and non-governmental organization will be helpful. The information will then be analyzed to come up with a conclusion.


The proposal will, therefore, be useful, and I look forward to undertaking the research to fulfill its intention. Moreover, the methods of collecting information are efficient to achieve the purpose of the proposal.