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Global warming is an occurrence  that emanates from the bad use of available resources which leads to a greenhouse effect on the world. This basically happens when there is uncontrolled level of carbon production and other pollutants that fill the earths atmosphere. as such, the overall increase in temperature results which is thus said to be global warming. This paper seeks to identify the various methods that would be used to tame the dreadful effects caused by the global warming on the various levels such as personal level, governmental level and finally on the international level. 

At a personal level, global warming would be less visible as it is a significant challenges on a personal perspective. It therefore a big task for an individual to try and deal with the challenge. however little effort when initiated by each person at such level would make a significant impact on the overall. one significant factor that individuals would undertake towards reduction of global warming effects would be cutting down the emission of carbon from the vehicles (Kellstedt, Zahran, & Vedlitz, 2008).  In addition, the individuals would support the governments in implementing policies that support cleaner energies. 

At the governmental level, it would be important to ensure that policies that seek to control emission of carbon and other pollutants are passed and enforced. This would then regulate the amount of carbon emission from various sectors that utilize fossil fuels that significantly impact on the environment. According to a study by de Oliveira, (2009). Subnational governments have significant impact in the control of carbon emissions that contribute to the global warming effect. In this regard, it is important to note that as a government, such issues as the global warming are much easier to handle at their level with enactment of policies to control them. The government builds a clean energy economies that would support the fight against carbon emission. these technologies would include issues such as efficient energy technologies and industries towards the improvement. 

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At international level the fight against global warming would be achieved through formation of round tables such as Kyoto protocol which is an international convention that seeks to deal on climate changes. it major mandate was to conserve the climate by setting international targets for the member countries (de Oliveira, 2009). Member countries are responsible to adhere to the set conventions. In conclusion all these levels play a significant role in the fight against the global warming effect in the environment. This would be noted from the impact from the round table that compels both member and non member countries to adhere to the regulations on the global warming control measures. Notably, the December 2011 Durban platform where the Kyoto Protocol member states passed that even the non member states of the Kyoto Protocol be compelled by the legal force‚ÄĚ. However the only challenge that persist is the variance between them is the commitment to action between the states. There is variance between country to country on the way that the law is adhered to which significantly impacts on the fight against the global warming. In view of all the levels where fight against global warming could be staged¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† none would work independently as they all depend on each other to successfully conduct the activities.


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