Health Promotion – Term Paper

Health Status Improvement

The chosen area in the behavioral change project is a ‘reflection’ of the client’s change in diet during the period. The patient’s main goal was to reduce her weight so that she can improve her health status. Notably, she has had Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus that has major cause contributions from an individual’s weight. During the first sessions, it was agreed that she should not eat any junk food nor drink beverages containing cola. Junk foods have been known to contribute largely to unwanted body weight due to their high-calorie levels. She agreed to change despite her love for cola drinks at her age.;

A reflection of these factors shows that the client is determined to change her behavior towards her diets. Relating to the Human Belief Model that focuses on the attitudes and belief of the individual, an analysis of the patient’s attitude shows that she made a decision to change her behaviors. The patient believes that by taking the advice that we agreed upon, she can avoid her negative health condition. The main stimulus in the client is the need to improve from her past health status that was associated with unhealthy eating behaviors. However, the reflection shows that she has improved and decided to change her behavior as recommended. 

Despite her successful change in diet and physical exercises, it would be advisable that she joins a fitness group in the community. Importantly, the members would have the same objectives; hence, motivate each other in losing weight and living a healthy life. They would also share ideas on different ways of losing weight and exchange new healthy eating behaviors. This move would be an extension of the endorsement of the ‘myfitnesspal’ that is an app that would assist the client in calculating calories.;

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