Hotel Purbani International

Contents of the Term Paper: C] Background of the company and the brand 0 Different communication used by the company and the brand C] Problem Definition o Marketing Research Marketing communication planning process: Context analysis Communication objectives Marketing communications strategy Communications mix [tools and media] Scheduling and Implementation Evaluation and Control Integration of all the tools and media Background of Hotel Burbank Into. Ltd. And the Brand: Hotel Burbank Into. Ltd. Was built in 1964, an exotic 3 star standard hotel ideally located In the Center of Dacha City.

Their service with a smile and their commitment o ensuring you feel at home away from home, just some of the reasons why you will be comfortably taken care by a group of professionals. Located in the heart of the city & central business zone Moot]heel Commercial Area where all main branches of national, international & Multinational companies are situated. It is only 5 minutes walking distance from Dacha National Stadium, 5 minutes or 2 kilometers drive from Kamala, the mall Railway Station of Dacha and about 20 kilometers or, 45 minutes drive away from Hazard Shall International Airport. The location of Burbank International Hotel in the heart of the Capital- Dacha) Rooms: All guest rooms are elegant and contemporary In design. Complete with all the latest amenities and facilities. The brand new guest rooms are uniquely planned with expressive interior, advanced technology specifications and comfortable accommodations. Which escape the ordinary and most Importantly. Delight your senses. The hotel also facilitates state-of-the-art Conference Hall and the Restaurant on the first level, fully equipped Business Centre on the first floor, Banquet Hall, Conference Hall and meeting Room.

At Burbank Hotel, the employees open their doors to the world with a promise of excellence in service and repainting the ultimate standard of living. The Shaman Restaurant of Burbank Into. Ltd. Is situated In the ground floor of the South Side of the hotel, Atrium Lounge is located behind lobby of the ground floor, Sudan Bar is situated in the 1st floor and Pastry Shop is in the North Side of the ground floor. They are planning to open up a fitness center very soon.

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Their Fitness Centre will be a wonderful area to relax and unwind with the latest life fitness equipment, the exercise room is the perfect place to get rid of a long days of hard hotel compound so that the customers can feel that they are fully secured. Extra Facilities: 0 Fully Air-conditioned rooms and Rent-A-Car Service 0 Daily Newspaper provided and Physician on Call/Pharmacy. 0 Moderate and well equipped Business Centre and well managed car parking area. 0 Door Knob Breakfast. Direct Dialing KIDS Telephone E-mail, Internet, Fax Service Barber Shop. Multi-channel Color TV in every room.

Automatic fire alarm and fire fighting system. Hot & Cold Running Water Room Service Lift and Standby Generator Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services Corporate Philosophy of Hotel Burbank Into. Ltd: 1. Main objective is to be the perfect Host. 2. Offer professional service. 3. Provide sincere hospitality and courtesy in order to satisfy the needs and demands of their guests. 4. Ensure that every guest has positive experience when they leave the hotel premises. Marketing Tool they have used: Hotel Burbank is a 3 star hotel. At the beginning of their establishment, they have been the market leader.

But, they haven’t used much type of marketing tools to retain their customers or hold their goodwill in the market. At first, when Hotel Burbank Ltd. Was built in they have used billboards as their only marketing tools. Later on, they advertised on newspaper and magazines to a very narrow extent. But, now when the intention has increased in such a vast manner and all other leading competing brands are following various marketing mix tools to attract their customers, Burbank is using none. They use online advertising in a very small context but that too is not very viable to attract or retain customers.

Hotel Burbank has a website of their own but the website lacks information but the customers do not get much benefit from it. So, they should add up more information into their website or, renew their website at the first place, to draw customer’s attention specially, the customers living abroad. Problem Definition: Hotel Burbank Into. Ltd. Has been one of the names we have all heard from our parent’s and older members of our family. It was one of the most reputed and luxurious hotels of Bangladesh during the last century. But, at present, the brand is down warding.

The brand is losing its customers as well as its image. Even the loyal and regular customers of this service company are now declining towards the other newly developed hotels. As a result, their revenue is also decreasing. Once the people coming from different countries into Bangladesh used to prefer to stay in this hotel at the first hand because of the convenient location, but now even though the action is still the same, these foreigners prefer to stay in other star and star hotels rather than Burbank because of their good image and unique propositions.

So, they are failing to earn foreign remittance. Hotel right in the centre of the commercial district in Dacha. The rooms are very basic. The institute bathroom that I had was filthy. There was McCollum everywhere along with the cockroaches that were all over the room. I should have known that there was something wrong when on being shown to the room the boy came in and proceeded to spray insect repellent inside the room. The breakfast is abysmal and the evening al was not much better. Save your money as there are better hotels nearby and much cheaper too”.

Bob stayed in this hotel in the March of 2012 and narrated the above speech in an international travel blob. (Bob posted the above image in the blob to show his dislike towards the breakfast) In the same blob, Mr.. Behave And from Surgeon, India who stayed in the month of December on 2012 shared his experience by saying that “It is one of the oldest hotels in Dacha….. Bat who cares… .. Elf our a historical maniac liking for hotels based on the date of start of its operation then go for it…… Otherwise there is nothing hat can fascinate you…… Rooms – average, service – average, food – lacks variety, location – old dacha highly congested and located far from most of the offices, shopping malls & places (8 Km) or airport (approve 20 Km). Similar facilities and service easily are available in better locations at same price. Don’t even dare try the ala-carte dinner, it is too costly….. It’s better to take a rickshaw ride (hardly 40 take) to Star Restaurant, nab magna for a good tasty dinner. Both the travelers stayed in this hotel for business purpose and sis not return back to his country with a pleasant experience and their review definitely states the degrading service of Burbank Hotel and the down warding image of the brand itself. Not only the international but also the local customers also have explains against the service of this hotel. The reasons for such kind of problems can be many- but, not using any tactical marketing communication mix can be a major one. In addition, lack of efficiency among the employees, lack of motivation among employees, no modern technological innovation etc. An be the driving factors for the degradation of the brand image of this hotel. Apart from that, in the year 2007, the acquisition of Burbank Hotel’s MD being associated with drags and sex racket degraded their brand image to a very great extent and thus, the public relation also got damaged. In fact, different media also noted that the hotel was the center point of this scandal and many illegal activities used to take place in that hotel. So, many regular guests stopped taking services from this hotel and the brand lost its customers.

Market Research: Market research is any organized effort to gather information about markets or customers. In the case of Burbank Hotel Into. Ltd, our main target of market research runner perception towards the brand. Previously it was one of the top hotels in the city but now it has been taken over by other new and modern hotels. Despite its heritage and standard facilities it’s lagging behind in this era of competition. The purpose of this research is to find out the problems of this hotel and what customers expect from this hotel and its management. We are conducting a Primary Research.

Research objective: 0 Find out what factors the hotel is missing: Despite its standard service & facilities Burbank hotel is definitely lacking something in its marketing efforts and customer service. We are conducting this research to find out what strategy should the hotel adopt to overcome the lacking. 0 Find out the lacking in marketing communication: Burbank hotel doesn’t have much marketing activities going on. They mainly promote their hotel through travel agencies and travel websites. So through this research we want to find out what marketing strategy is necessary for this hotel. Find out how customers like the hotel’s services: It is very important for the management to know if their customers like their services and offers. To gain complete customer satisfaction, effective offers and services should be offered. This research will help us to know and understand the likings and preference of the customers. 0 Find out the expectations of the customers: This research will definitely help us to know what customers expect from the hotel. Service improvement and rebinding will be easier if hotel management knows what customers want from them. Find out current brand status: Burbank hotel had a rich history but in recent years its brand image has decreased in an alarming rate. We need to know what people think of this brand and its status. Methodology: To conduct this research we took both qualitative and quantitative measures. Our sampling strategy was purposive as we gathered data from elderly people and professional (business and corporate personals) intentionally because we knew that they can give answers to the questions properly because they had experienced the services of this business. Our research strategy is both questionnaire and interview.

Interviews: To conduct this research we took interviews of two customers who stayed at Hotel Burbank for various purposes. They talked about their experience during their stay at the hotel and weather they liked their services or not. They detected the active points about their services and suggested some measures that can be taken by the hotel to keep pace with the successful competitors as well. Questionnaire: This questionnaire is based on questions about customer satisfaction and expectations. Through this questionnaire we got to know about the opinion of the potential customers as well.

Although through the questionnaire method it is not possible to get detailed information, but we can at least get a primary review of the respondent regarding the services and brand image of the hotel. *** Interview and questionnaire sample is attached in the appendix part of the research paper at the ND of the term paper. Key Findings: Based on our research we found that the hotel needs some major improvements in its customer service, room facilities, food menu etc. But, most guests who visited the hotel for business purposes their review was mostly positive.

They were impressed by its technological facilities and other Positive: 1. Good for business purposes- meetings, conference and conventions: People prefer it as a good business hotel and thus they use it for functioning different business and corporate activities. 2. Located at the heart of the business district: The invention location and the availability of public transportation is a great turn on of this brand 3. Helpful and well-mannered staff: The staff members’ friendly and efficient behavior is one of the major positive factors of this hotel. 4.

Huge parking space: The facility to park 100 cars at a time is one of the driving factors for people to arrange party and seminar in this hotel. 5. Wired internet available in all the rooms, meeting rooms and reception area: Availability of internet in the hotel premises is a positive side of this hotel as business and corporate personals can take advantage from it. Negative: 1. Food- lacks variety, limited choice: The food is mostly local. A less number of continental cuisine is available so international guests have to go outside to have their desired lunch and dinner. 2.

Pricey food- compared to other places nearby: The food is expensive so guests prefer to eat from outside rather than taking the food of the hotel 3. Room quality- basic facilities, lacks hygiene: The rooms and restrooms lack hygiene and cleanliness so many guests feel uncomfortable to stay in this hotel. 1. Room service slow: Staffs are not well trained so they do not work properly and mom services are usually slow. Marketing Communication Planning Process: Context or Situation Analysis: The context analysis invites to reflect upon the wider context of its project in terms of barriers and opportunities.

It builds on the narrative previously established and provides a framework for further analysis. Before planning the marketing communications campaign, we analyze the hotel, and the environment in which we will be operating our business. SOOT Analysis: The acronym for SOOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. The SOOT analysis comprises of the Organization’s internal strength and nakedness and external opportunities and threats. SOOT analysis gives an organization an insight of what they can do in future and how they can compete with their existing competitors.

This tool is very important to identify the current position of the organization relative to others, who are playing in the same field and also used in the strategic analysis of the organization. Location: At a superb location in down town Dacha, the Hotel’s only 5 minutes’ drive from Dacha’s main Business District and Kamala, the main Railway Station. Also all the corporate offices are near to the hotel. As we will be repositioning the as business people hotel, we can see our location as our strength.

City Exclusive Selection of Facilities to Host Conference, Meeting, Exhibition, Banquet Event: Burbank Hotel offers a stylish yet dignified setting for corporate meetings and other group events. The convention and Banquet package can be used by organizers to achieve a really effective gathering. All Kind of Modern Equipment: All the conference rooms are fully air conditioned. And there will be all the range of equipment available including overhead and slide projectors, lights, sound and addressing systems, residential speaker system, video equipment and projectors.

Also the will be free wireless internet connection in convention center, meeting rooms and reception area Weaknesses of Hotel Burbank: The fault of an organization is the most important internal problems that might hamper the growth rate to take place in a company. Though Hotel Burbank is a company that has many strengths but it also as well has some weaknesses of its own. The following are a few of the most common weaknesses that Hotel Burbank has at the present time. Old Style Structure : The rooms are still furnished in the same old style. The rooms at this hotel are quite small and out dated.

Bathroom is also small looked like someone used it. The shower head was kind of rusty and you got to adjust the cold and warm water yourself. The water pressure was not good too. Traffic Jam to Reach the Location: The Hotel has the great location. It is the center of city. But to reach the location it can take over an hour to get to from the airport if the traffic is there. Sometime it can take more times to reach the hotel. So, it can be one of the main weaknesses for the Hotel Slow service: The room service is extremely slow. The hotel does not have a 2417 housekeeping. And also does not have proper world class toiletries.

Lack of natural scenery: The hotel does not have the natural scenario surroundings. There are buildings and offices surrounding the hotel. Opportunities of Hotel Burbank: An organization’s opportunities are positive external environmental factors. An organization should explore all possible opportunities available to it. These opportunities are intended to improve the organization. By making improvements, the organization should be able to become more competitive in the market. The following are opportunities available to Hotel Burbank in order for it to become more aggressive.

Guest Services: It is located in Business center. There is 24 hours front desk. It has live entertainment. It gives welcome drinks on arrival. It has babysitting service, laundry service, medical service, express check in and express check out. Room Features: Hotel Burbank has Connecting rooms, Garden view rooms, Different types of suites, Non-smoking floor, Wake up service. These can be the opportunities of the hotel. Executive Support: The rooms of the hotel have outlet adaptor, Telephone, Executive desk, Data port. These are the opportunities of the hotel.

Promoting the Bakery Items Produced by the Hotels: Burbank Hotel’s pastry was very famous in the past so, we can now promote the pastry and bakery item again to Hotel Burbank, the rapid rise of the surrounding hotels, all other hotels have settled down in Bangladesh, while there are many domestic and international hotel giants eyeing the fast growing market in Bangladesh. Like other growing business organization Hotel Burbank has to face a lot of threats. Specifically, they are the following: Competition: There are many three star and five star hotels in Bangladesh.

The three star hotels are highly competitive with each other. All hotels have their distinguishing features own self to attract foreign and domestic customers. And these hotels are really a big threat for the Hotel Burbank. To sustain in the market all hotels want to give wide service facilities to its clients. So, this is one of the main threats for the hotel to sustain in the market. Expansion of Economic Hotels: The gradual penetration of other economic hotel is also the risk for the existing hotels. Those economic hotels are expanding and penetrating frequently.

The price of the economic hotels is reasonable and their services are considerate, which are favorably received by the customer resources of middle and low class. Political Turbulence: Political and other demonstrations can quickly turn violent in Bangladesh. In the past, many such events have become violent, with explosives and firearms sometimes being used. Political turbulence reduces tourist traffic and thus the business of the hotels. Hotel industry in Bangladesh really faces many obstacles for the political instability.

For political disorder, strike, lack of stable business investment tourists may not interested to come in Bangladesh and for this the hotel authorities have to count losses. So this is a big threat for The Hotel Burbank. Location: Though the hotel is located almost in the center of the Dacha city but for considering the foreign guests it is obviously a great disadvantage that the hotel is far away from the Airport. Foreign People can avoid traffic Jam of Dacha city after long Journey if they choose any hotel near the airport.

Natural Disaster: The climate in Bangladesh is sub- tropical and governed by monsoon winds. Extreme weather episodes such as cyclones can occur. In the monsoon season, which is normally from June to September, there is widespread and extensive flooding. This can disrupt travel particularly in rural areas. Also Bangladesh is located in a high-risk earthquake zone. The country lies on a major geological fault line. Bangladesh can be affected by tsunamis. Thus it is a big threat for Hotel Burbank as in the bad weather condition tourists may not interested to visit Bangladesh. Gobo.

Rules and Regulation: As the business is getting competitive, government may impose new rules and laws for the business. Lack of Brand Image: The brand image of the hotel is very low. People do not like to stay at here as the brand image is shattered. Segmentation and Targeting: Target markets are groups of people separated by distinguishable and noticeable aspects. Our main target market is the business men who are search for a big and gigantic Conference room. Our target market can be separated into the following segments: Geographic Segmentation: Country: All countries. Who visits Bangladesh. Ђ Density: Urban, suburban Demographic Segmentation Age: 18+ Mainly, we are focusing the entire adult persons. Gender: Both male and female. Occupation: Professionals, Corporate people. Education: Literate Religion: Any Behavioral Segmentation: Occasions: Regular Benefit :Quality, Economy Customer status: Potential customer, first time customer of the hotel. User rates: Light user, Medium user, Heavy user Loyalty status: Medium, None Attitude towards the product:Loyal, Medium Cryptographic Segmentation: Social Class: Middle class, Upper middle class, Upper class. Ђ Strives, Achievers. Personality: Business Personals and Travelers. Lifestyle: Seekers, Communication Objectives: Communications objectives need to be set within the framework of wider marketing objectives of the organization and these in turn will have been set to achieve the corporate objectives. Communication objectives should encompass goals specific to the direct effects of communication, e. G. Brand awareness, response rates, attitude change, offer take-up, personal recommendations etc. Our main communication objective is to reposition Hotel Burbank to a Business Travel Hotel.

Business people find our hotel appropriate to visit and meet and conference. Wealds want to attract our customers and potential customers. Apart from the main objectives we want to attract the other tourist so that they think of staying in the hotel. With all these we want to increase our sales and awareness. Positioning: Positioning helps establish product’s or service’s identity within the eyes of the purchaser. A company’s positioning strategy is affected by a number of variables related to customers’ motivations and requirements, as well as by its competitors’ actions.

Existing Position: Hotel Burbank International Ltd. Is a three star hotel. It is a one of the very old Hotel in Bangladesh. The rooms and the system of the hotel are not good. The brand image of the hotel is actually shattered. People do not have much interest to stay or visit this hotel. New Position: hotel will be known as the Business class Hotel. The hotel will be serving the corporate people in a very way. The hotel will have all the necessary rooms and equipment which is required for a meeting and conference. It will be the first Business class Hotel in Bangladesh.

Marketing Communication Strategy: Marketing Communication strategy guides the direction, approach and implementation of an organization’s desired. A marketing communications strategy is the way in which the company relays information to customers and stakeholders. This process is executed in several ways. Push Strategy: Push Strategy is a promotion strategy that calls for using the sales force and trade rumination to push the product through channel. The producer promotes the product to channel member who in turn promote it to final consumers.

We can practice the push promotion strategy by welcoming the guest from the main entrance of the hotel and collect the guest luggage and bags, check the guests booking and direct the guest to his or her rooms; nevertheless this gives the guest an impression of what the hotel will offer. Pull Strategy: Pull strategy is a promotion strategy that calls for spending a lot on advertising and consumer promotion to induce final consumers to buy the product, creating a emend vacuum that ‘pulls’ the product through the channel. In our process we will also be using pull strategy.

As it is newly repositioning as a business travel hotel, advertisement will be given on business magazine and business newspaper. We will also be dealing with the travel agencies. If they recommend our Hotel, then, we will be giving commission to them. By this offer the agencies will be eager to recommend our hotel to the tourist. And the tourist will come for our hotel. In Shallow International Airport, there will be a booth of the Hotel for the tourists. They can know about the facilities of the Hotel from the booth.