How to fight crime – Term Paper

Crime gets construed as an action that depicts an offence which may call for prosecution by the state. It equally gets noted as that act that contravenes the law of the land hence gets pointed out as punishable. The paper, therefore, gets founded on a report that presents various recommendations to the president of the United States on how to act upon criminal activities. The recommendations explore two types of crimes, their prevalence, trend and even cost.   

Crime One

White-collar crime

The mentioned crime gets noted as one that offers great difficulty in solving. The reason behind the assertion gets depicted from its characteristics. Many times, the crime in question gets committed by those in public office. The individuals can either get noted as the government officials or ordinary civil servants. An example gets pointed out in the embezzlement of public funds by the government officials (Erford and Bradley, 2016). Another characteristic get based on the use of deceit and concealment. The crime gets noted as contrary to other common crimes that call for the application of force or violence. 

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The third characteristic gets based on the use of fraud. Most of the white- collar crimes involve soliciting of money or services by initiating false promises and representations. The fourth characteristic gets based on perjury where criminals use their powers to obstruct justice through interfering with witnesses (Erford and Bradley, 2016). It, therefore, gets considered as one of the more severe crimes that the government of the United States noted as difficult to deal with due to its extensive involvement. Its prevalence gets mentioned to exist among those in public officers under various professions and those in control of government resources. Many critics equally argue that the prevalence of the crime get to create a trend that depicts the aspect of unwillingness in bringing it to an end. It also gets noted that the offence causes the various cost to the state and the ordinary people in general.

Plans to Address the Crime

Addressing white- collar crimes gets recorded as a detailed process that requires the use of forensics and other human machinery. Forensics allows the body charged with conducting the investigation with background checks on key employees and how they control state and public resources.

Steps for Solving White- Collar Crimes

• The first step in solving the offence involves forming a team of investigative personnel concerned with conducting forensics.

• The next step will include planting some of the staff within the areas where suspicions of crime get noted.

• The third phase gets based on developing a point of coordination where those making the operation can get monitored to bring to book those caught committing the crime.

• The final measure gets based on the government coming up with punitive penalties like life imprisonment to those found guilty. The step will discourage most of the people from engaging in such act considering their status and their need for freedom.

The success of the mentioned steps will also involve inclusion and investment of various state resources, for example, monetary support to the personnel forming the committee. Another resource gets based on the institution of a strong independent judicial system that will offer protection to the witnesses as well as passing credible judgments.

Crime Two

Street Crime

Street crime gets noted as one of the most ordinary and everyday crimes within the streets of the United States of America. Some of the characteristics of the offence getting discussed include the use of force or cause of bodily harm, for example, robbery and assault (Hess, Orthmann & Cho, 2017). Robbery can either come with power or may get organised in such a way that the perpetrators may get realised once the act gets committed. Most robberies within the street involve the use of force, and any resistance may end up in bodily harm getting caused to the person getting robbed. Assault mainly targets at causing injury to the victim targeted. 

Another characteristic of street crime gets based on the extent of damage that gets caused. In most circumstances, street crimes get noted to affect a few individuals as opposed to other serious crimes like white- collar crimes whose effects may not get realised immediately but contain long lasting consequences. The third characteristic gets depicted on the kind of people who carry out the criminal action. Most of the perpetrators get noted to come from the low-class group with a few middle-class individuals who may get involved in rape cases and assault (Deflem, 2011). 

Equally Notable, the last characteristic of the crime gets founded on the kind of penalty that gets awarded to those found to participate in the criminal act. Some get sentenced for a longer period especially victims of rape while others end up spending a few days behind bars before getting released. The crime getting discussed gets noted as one that may easily get solved due to various reasons. The first reason gets based on the kind of persons that participate in the act (Hess, Orthmann & Cho, 2017). They get noted as individuals with the limited financial ability and may, therefore, not play vital roles in the obstruction of justice. The other reason gets based on the existence of various institutions and organs. As already depicted, street crimes get caused by the low-class people in the society, and the assertion justifies the aspect of the prevalence of the offence. Its trend also gets noted from the same aspect. Most of the people who gets affected by the trend of the crime get founded on the ordinary citizens of the United States of America. The cost of street crimes also gets depicted to change the lives of those affected negatively to a greater extent. Some may even result in death particularly when excess force got applied.

Plans to Address the Crime

The primary method of dealing with street crimes involves proper usage of the already established institutions that deals with such acts and the empowerment of the public on some of the measures they need to undertake when they become victims.

Steps for Solving Street Crime

• The first step that should get taken in solving the crime should get founded on the deployment of enough law enforcement officers on the streets at all time to ensure proper security to the ordinary citizens.

• The second step should get based on the erection of enough surveillance cameras that get monitored at all time within the streets.

• The next step gets founded on initiating more severe penalties to street crimes to discourage the perpetrators.

• The fourth step should involve the engagement of the entire public in empowerment programs that promotes harmony and discipline and also get equipped with measures that they should take whenever they get attacked.

The last step should focus on the creation of employment opportunities to keep busy the street idlers that may engage in such acts. The primary resources needed for the fulfilment of the action includes the monetary aid for the surveillance cameras, the police, reliable independent judicial system and finally the availability of jobs.


In summary, crime gets noted as an act that possesses many demerits to the ordinary citizen. They get mentioned as the main people that bear the cost that comes with the crime. Therefore, the mentioned get depicted as an act that must get condemned and punished regardless of the seriousness it possesses to the people.  


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