How to measure success – Term Paper

I will measure my development by? (Define how you will measure your development and success as a leader. Describe the specific actions or outcome you will use to determine this)

How do you measure success?

First, the degree of influence and inspiration on the people I aim to influence. The employees are a big part of my goals. The ability to incorporate them into the vision in a way that enables them to be inspired to have the same goals is important. I am able to measure development by the level through which the employees subscribe and respond to the vision of the job.

Secondly, tracking the level of learning is an important way to measure success. In my short term goals, I intend to study for two years and learn as much as I can on business management and maintain my values. In tracking my level of knowledge, I can be able to tell how far I am in my success and development. Education for two years can be measured through the level of commitment and of course the performance. On the other hand, knowledge on business management can be measured by creating a learning system or a review every time I learn something new.

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Actions to determine development will include first, to set down timelines for all my goals. This is important as it will enable me to identify whether or not I am making progress. Also, it will enable me to identify the time lags that I might have in the performance that causes my timelines not to work out. This is an important part of measurability. Some of the goals can be measured by when they are completed. 

How to measure success in business

Another action to measure success is to have a technique that enables me to regularly practice what I learn on business management. On a regular and short-term basis, it is important to have this in order to track what exactly has been learnt, when and how it has been applied. This is also important in order to test the success of the application. It will be important to involve supervisors and managers in explaining what I intend to achieve on every practical set up. This will enable them to review its success, to also be on board in execution and to enhance performance at the same time as a whole.

Another outcome is measuring the performance of the employees as well as identifying opportunities to grow them. This is important in measuring success as it enables tracking whether or not the employees are inspired by the vision and mission of the employer. It is also important on this to take action in accommodating the suggestions of others on the ground such as managers and supervisors. This will greatly aid my ability to track employee performances. 

Lastly, it is easier to measure development through consistent and frequent checking of the three initial parts. This means checking the short term goals, long term goals, the core values and ways to execute that I have already laid out. This will enable me to consistently keep in touch with the bigger objective and to trace where I am in achieving it. From the above key methods and actions, I can be able to effectively measure my development and success as a leader and employer.