How to organize a surprise party – Term Paper

The party is scheduled to be on the last Saturday of the month since it is convenient for many people. Also, we had planned to go hiking on the same day, and thus it will be a total change of event without the expectations of my friend. 

Also, I will take the time to make a guest list of the attendants of the party of around twenty people. The selected venue will be in my friend’s backyard; one that would keep it a secret. The attendants will be notified to keep it a secret to avoid leaking the idea to my friend

The entertainment section will include music from a DJ friend. To spice up the party, I will add some favors and games that lighten the party. A favor would include giving my friend a gift card to their favorite store.

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Decorations will be sourced from a nearby flower vendor. Also, some balloons will be used to decorate the venue. The estimated cost of the decorations is around $40 since it is a simple party. Also, the garden is pleasant naturally hence the minimal decorations.

Foods and drinks will be bought from my friend’s favorite restaurant. There will be just enough for the attendants and a surprise dish for my friend. All people are supposed to be in the venue before my friend arrives. 

I will then call my friend and tell them to pick me at the house as we head for the planned hiking. But as soon as he arrives, the surprise will be inevitable. The party should last from 1.30 P.M to 6.00 P.M.