HSE in drilling and completion operation – Term Paper

Over the past decade, various areas of the drilling and completion process for instance transit planning, structural strength, jacking operation, Dp, and mooring analysis as well as foundations have experienced certain failures, which has affected the people, assets or environment. Therefore, in our horizontal oil project, specialists were deployed to assess the nature of the hydrocarbon bearing zone as well as the subsurface geology to interpret any possible risk. These specialists were assigned the responsibility of designing the well, selecting the right hole-path and choosing the contractor, equipment, and systems required to complete the project safely. The health and safety environment policies were highly upheld to prevent risks including harsh environment, HPHT wells, availability of sour gas and deepwater. Risks associated with the particular operation were adequately addressed by the rig’s HDE-MS and moreover, the working environment was stable and with a sense of understanding to ensure efficient HSE performance. An appropriate drilling location and the time of the drilling process were also in HSE compliant manner (Smith and Kennedy Eni 2011)

Below is a rotary table that shows how various aspects of HSE risk management are handled


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Smith, D, and Kennedy, R, Eni UK (2011), Drilling towards HSE Excellence Accessed on 10th Sep 2016. Retrieved from https://api.speedy.company/download/282022