Human Sexuality Research – Term Paper

The institution and person that influenced my gender role development are society, family, and culture. Society has constructed behavior and activities that are considered appropriate for men and women. The society I live in believe than men should be the sole provider of the family and ensure the wellbeing of the family especially the father. Women are to carry out daily house routines and help out in taking care of the household. Society has its notion than men are supposed to be the head of the family. This societal belief has made me grow to know the appropriate activities that are my responsibility. My family is has influenced my gender role in that boys and girls to have the different position to take up when it comes to responsibility. The boys are given duties that require more strength because they are considered masculine. The girls are given chores that do not need much energy. In most cases, we are considered equal when it comes to education, career, and talent, but our duties are never the same. Culture tends to define our different roles in the society. Our culture believes it is appropriate for men and women to know their appropriate responsibilities especially in the institution of marriage. “Marriage enabled women to be the homemaker while the male is associated with being the breadwinners” (Hill, 2007).

Gender roles have had positive and negative influences to me as the sexual being. Gender role enables me to be more responsible in life because I knew what was expected of me. I was able to become the best I could be because it gave me direction on life events.  I have always felt that gender roles give me limitations my abilities. My responsibilities were outlined, and I would like to do more but I cannot because of the fear of stereotype. They are roles given to the opposite gender that I would like to explore in most cases I was limited because of my gender.


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