Humans Behaviour Sample – Term Paper

Human behaviour meaning

Human behaviour is highly influenced by the nature. Nurture is generally the environment that a kid finds when the are born. Nurture is primarily provided for by the parents or the gurdian who introduce the kid to the world. Basically, the family members play agreat role in building the human behavior. Nature will also be dependent on whether there is  a sibling ni the family or they are the first borns. Thereafter, as the child grows, they join the school where they find a different environment to interact with. This level plays a great role in the development of the child as the research suggest that Children spend most of their time in school than at home.

There was a research conducted by psychologists to differerntiate nature and nurture. they took twins to different envirnoment and the resulting behaviours were differing. Below are the explanations of the cause.

Interaction with the family to start with, is very important in the behavioral development of the child. When the child is born, they expect a proper postnatal care from the parent and the care giver. This is in the means of providing the neccessary basic needs for survival of the child. for instance, the child needs to be fed well by the caregiver in order to develop trust. Also, they need to be get the attention they need from the caregiver in terms of for instance being picked when they cry out. The mother or the caregiver should also make sure they are warm to the child and by this i mean that they should not shout at the child. 

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All the  above contribute to something the psychologists call Trust versus Mistrust. If all the above conditions are provided well, then the child will develop trust to the world. In the contrary if the child does not get the attention that they need, Psychologists say that the children develop a mistrust and view the world as probably a dangerous place.

Interaction with the siblings on the other hand also contribute to the behavior. If the sibling is hostile for instance, the child will grow to be very agressive as a sign to respond to a similar response. Interaction with the peers will also enable the child to develop confidence fluency and confidence of speech. This is due to more talking and learning of new words from them. The persons behaviour of responding is therefore ctreated at this level.

There are many occurences which are not sheduled that one find in life and they change the behaviuor of the person. These may include accidents, learning, diseases etc. They will in one way or the other influence the behaviour. If a girl undergoes a rape case for instance, she might be agressive to all men and probably hate them. The result is not inborn but learnt from the environment.